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Re: Politics
« Reply #165 on: January 05, 2013, 07:15:44 am »
Not is only a slow day in news and politics, but a sly one as well.

First, WTF as far as newsworthy? What am I missing here.
Acting CIA director shoots down 'Zero Dark Thirty' accuracy

Must be a slow day, because who gives a f uck? When does the CIA director have time to give any thought to a Hollywood movie and it's Impact? Uh, I think you have more important s hit to do.

Acting CIA Director Michael Morell is getting in on the "Zero Dark Thirty" controversy.  In the wake of criticism the film has faced in regards to the veracity of its content, Morell sent a letter to CIA personnel about the thriller-flick's accuracy, and then made it public.

"What I want you to know is that 'Zero Dark Thirty' is a dramatization, not a realistic portrayal of the facts," Morell said in the letter posted on the CIA's website Friday. "CIA interacted with the filmmakers through our Office of Public Affairs but, as is true with any entertainment project with which we interact, we do not control the final product."


and now something a little more important

Boehner re-elected as Speaker of the House

WTF... seriously. Holy s hit Batman...

Ohio Rep. John Boehner, R, won a second term as speaker of the House on Thursday over the dissent of a handful of House conservatives.

Following a bruising first two years as speaker and leader of House Republicans, 10 conservative lawmakers cast votes for someone other than Boehner during a roll call vote in the first hours of the new Congress. Several other conservative Republicans abstained from voting. Boehner received 220 votes of a total of 426 cast.


and isn't this just wonderful to know. Our congressmen continue their crap. NASCAR? Asparagus? Movies?


Fiscal cliff deal includes at least $67.9 billion for special interests

Did you read that... 67.9 BILLION

Taxpayers aren't the only ones who won't be flying off the fiscal cliff this year, at least. Add race cars, movies and asparagus to the list.

As part of their last-second deal to slam the brakes on an economy racing toward the so-called fiscal cliff, lawmakers gave the green light this week to extending dozens of business and industry tax breaks, like a cost-recovery program that will save the owners of "motorsports entertainment complexes" (that is, racetracks) about $70 million over the next two years.

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