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Re: Politics
« Reply #510 on: July 12, 2016, 08:02:15 am »
This congressional hearing right now with Corrupt Lynch is a f*cking joke. Two things are p*ssing me off right now. First is Lynch isn't answering the questions as instructed. She keeps passing the buck to Comey with regards to why she didn't indict. I expected this and the way the whole week leading up to Comey's testimony just makes it clear that all of this was premeditated to allow her the wiggle room she needed when answering today. The other thing that is p*ssing me off is that every Democrat on the panel so far is asking her questions that don't pertain to Clinton at all. Their intent is basically to run out the clock by asking things that she "can answers" pertaining to gun control, etc...

So, yeah, this is a waste of time and furthermore just confirms that we do in fact have the most corrupt government on the planet. Obama, Clinton, Comey and Lynch are all involved in the most prolific circle jerk on the grandest stage ever. And you can throw Sanders in there as well.
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