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Re: Politics
« Reply #510 on: July 20, 2016, 09:11:14 pm »
Damn! I don't see how Day 4 of the RNC Convention can top what I just witness tonight. It was insane in so many ways. For starters, there were a lot of great speeches tonight. Take the politics out of it for a second and just listen to the speeches. A lot of red meat and it was great. One after the other delivered. I thought Eric Trump delivered a fantastic speech as did Newt Gingrich. But before either came out, there was the matter of Ted Cruz and his non endorsement. He started off great because the people in the crowd figured he was going to man up and stand behind Trump. It never came and that's when the crowd turned on him. Booed his ass off the stage. But the coup de grace was that Donald Trump was waiting in the wings to steal Ted's thunder and that's exactly what he did. Now, it's come out that Trump did in fact know about the non endorsement and the media if convinced that everything that happened tonight was orchestrated for the sole purpose of embarrassing Cruz. It all started with Trump buzzing Ted's speech earlier in the day during his own press conference. This was one fun night to watch. And yes, I thought that Pence's speech was solid. Like him or hate him, it was a good speech. Getting back to Cruz.....what he did tonight was political suicide. He is DOA as of now.
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