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Re: Politics
« Reply #615 on: October 28, 2016, 12:25:18 pm »
Nonsense.  Makes for a great headline, and lots of anxiety and "Breaking News!" in the final 11 days of the election, but it is straight up NOT what is happening.

The FBI, in other words, is not reexamining its previous findings. It is not questioning its previous legal conclusion that “no reasonable prosecutor” could determine that charges are warranted. Based on the letter, it appears that the FBI will simply provide the same scrutiny to these newly uncovered emails as it previously applied to the emails it already reviewed when it determined that criminal charges are not warranted.

They're NOT reopening the case, because they don't know what's in the new e-mails.  They're just announcing that they HAVE them, and they MIGHT be pertinent, but it will take time to figure that out and they don't know how long it will take.  It's an announcement of boring, clinical work that could result in something, but probably won't, and became public knowledge b/c it deals with a public figure that people cant' shut up about.

This isn't nearly as big a deal as it seems.  Think of Clinton's possible trial as a movie, this isn't even a trailer, this is the announcement of the trailer.  it's the announcement of Christian Bale playing Steve Jobs.  That's how far removed this news is from what you think it is.
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