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Re: Politics
« Reply #660 on: November 10, 2016, 05:22:39 pm »
Hate Crimes across the country after Trump victory

Don't look away.  You have to click that.

I've been seeing these since the election's been called.  There are a TON of them.  A few hours ago Shaun King, a civil rights activist and key member of Black Lives Matter, reported that he had over 3,000 of these e-mails and they keep coming in.  And not just violence against blacks, but muslims, Asians (really, ASIANS!), women, anyone.

The shocking thing is hearing how supposed friends and neighbours turned into monsters after the election announcement.  The amount of people who wanted to be cruel and horrible, sexist, racist, VIOLENT... it's astonishing.  And all they needed was permission.  And they got it.  It's like a god d*mn episode of Black Mirror.



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