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Re: Politics
« Reply #660 on: November 12, 2016, 05:13:05 am »
I don't understand these protesters. What's the end game?

They are just whining about not getting what they want. The Cupcake Nation is alive and well. I don't think they have an end game other than doing what they are doing. With that said, the Hollywood elite are now circulating a petition called the Hail Mary with the idea of convincing 38 electors before inauguration day to change their vote to Clinton. Look, I despise Trump and as much as I hate the man on a personal level, to go down this road of altering election day results after the fact is a slippery slope that will wreck everything about the Constitution and America as a whole. You allow people to change the vote now....then you can expect the same thing EVERY 4 years when the losing side whines and cries about not getting what they wanted.
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