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Re: Politics
« Reply #660 on: November 12, 2016, 08:25:17 am »
They're not whining.  They're scared. 

They're gay people who are frightened because we have a VP who believes in conversion therapy,and that gay people don't deserve ANY civil rights. 

They're latina people who are scared that their families are going to be ripped apart. 

They're Muslim people who are scared b/c the President-Elect's web site changed back to calling for a blanket ban of anyone of their faith from entering the country.

They're people who believe in the power of free speech terrified of a President Elect that could severely limit the First Amendment.

They're environmentalists who are scared because the Earth is passing the point of no return on climate change and the President Elect believes it's a hoax (it's not, and you guys know it).

They're women who are terrified that their abilities to control their bodies will be severely reduced by shutting down Planned Parenthood.

Some of them are among the 22 million people terrified they'll never get health insurance again if the ACA is repealed, which has been a Republican dream for years (they tried repealing it 62 times already).

They're people who realize that the next four years will be utterly devastating to the middle class.

They're protesting because these very important concerns were NEVER addressed on the news, or in the debates.  Remember, the actual air time on all three major networks actually DEVOTED to the issues over the entire year as 32 minutes.

You're right, though, the issue with the protests is that they don't have a clear goal, they were too spontaneous, too emotional.

But protests, when they have a purpose, have given us a LOT of things that we take for granted:

* The 40 hour work week
* unemployment insurance
* paid time off
* paid parental leave
* public schools
* social security
* medicaid
* medicare
* the Americans with Disabilities Act
* Title IX
* the end of acid rain
* the Clean Air & Water Acts
* the National Parks
* AIDS research and prevention
* the end of military conscription

I think what these protests will show is that, when the time comes for specific resistance to a policy, that there will be a turnout.  All this could simply just be roll call.

Now, if you want to talk about WHINING, the Trump supporters vowed to do this exact same thing if Hillary won-- except they were intending to be far more violent.  But again, they didn't have a goal in mind either.  And these same ones who were promising they would march are upset that the other side is marching.  Complete hypocrisy.
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