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Re: Politics
« Reply #690 on: February 16, 2017, 11:01:10 am »

OMG! Drumpf is in full-on Meltdown mode right now on Live TV. The entire world is laughing at him and America right now at this ass-hat. Good Lord, this is beyond anything I have ever seen from anyone, let alone a sitting US President. This guy is just so far removed from reality its frightening. Now the Press/Media is really emboldened to take him to task with their questions and this in turn is fueling his meltdown right now. One of the reporters basically called out Drumpf that he wouldn't do anything about the Russian Spy Ship off the East Coast. As you can imagine, Drumpf did not like this at all. What's truly mind boggling is that he is STILL sucking Putin off while cradling his nutsuck and singing his praises every 5 minutes during this conference. Seriously, WTF!

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