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Re: Politics
« Reply #690 on: April 06, 2017, 07:00:20 pm »
With the horrific news that Assad has news chemical weapons (again) against his own people, many being women and children, yesterday Trump came out to "admonish" his actions and vowing to make "things right". I put those statements in quotes because I just don't buy anything he sells. He's so full of sh*t that I'm just never going to take anything he says seriously. So, I'm actually stunned to hear the news that we are now bombing Syrian targets. I was convinced his statements were nothing more theater. It's about f*cking time we take the fight to Assad. F*ck him and his b*tch Putin. Put aside all the political bullsh*t we have been dealing with for years regarding this. It's time we (and our allies) step up and actually try and help the Syrian victims of his War Crimes.
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