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Re: Politics
« Reply #705 on: August 21, 2018, 08:01:47 pm »
One problem at a time. I know that Pence is waiting (salivating) at the prospect at becoming Fake Prez 2.0. That sh*t worries me even more based on past conversations we have had previously in this thread. But just get Drumpf the f*ck out of the Oval and then out of America. I rather he rot in another country instead of the American people having to foot the bill to feed and house him in Prison here. Who am I kidding, I want him in Prison here....thinking about his fake life and everything he has ever done. With that said, whoever ascends to the Presidency, it's going to be a f*cking mess. I'm okay with Biden stepping in, righting the ship and cleaning this up. As for Kavanaugh, no way in f*cking hell is he being confirmed. He can go around glad-handling everyone on the Hill all he wants, telling everyone what they want to hear.....but I can't see any Democrat falling for his spiel and thinking he will say true to his word as a member of the Supreme Court.
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