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Re: Politics
« Reply #735 on: March 22, 2019, 08:29:25 pm »
There's a lot more dominos than you think.  There's three different investigations (the "three Cs") of which Mueller is only one.  And the guy is a pro, and operated under a narrow purview of Russian Election Collusion, and the DOJ basically told him that he couldn't indict the President.  No doubt why they never pressed Drumpf for a sit-down interview.

What you really have to look for is the SDNY stuff.  POTUS can't pardon state crimes, and he's no doubt on the hook for something there.  The money laundering, the hush money, etc.  He's in deep with the Russian mob, which is one of the main reasons why this project was so massive and has so many dimensions.

So don't get disappointed in what might feel like an underwhelming result, there's plenty more in the pipe.  Imagine a guy who smokes, eats garbage, does drugs, drives wrecklessly, drinks and drives, etc but seems to be perfectly fine.  Something's gonna get that guy.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of impeachable offenses being racked up.  Right now impeachment might not be possible with enough Repugs in the Drumpf corner, but another election can change that.  That's another thing that has to be done right, the Nixon way.  Right now there's the risk of it being done the Ken Starr way.


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