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Re: Politics
« Reply #750 on: July 23, 2019, 10:55:20 am »
So, the big hearing with Mueller is set for tomorrow (was suppose to be last Wednesday) and now it's coming out in the news that the DOJ (aka POS Barr) is telling Mueller what he can and can not say during the hearing. I reeeeeeeeally hope Mueller is smart enough to see that he is being setup in the most obvious way here. Regardless of what Mueller says (he could actually say absolutely nothing at all and be made the fall guy). What I'm saying is that regardless of what he says during the hearing....and you can take this to the bank with 100% certainty that Barr will hold a press conference within the week, if not days of the Hearing, of his own demonizing Mueller as being "corrupt" by telling everyone Mueller went "outside the lines".

BARR: See? I told you all that Mueller couldn't be trusted.

REPORTER: What do you mean?

BARR: He broke protocol and talked about stuff he wasn't suppose to talk about. He is conflicted! Mueller did have an agenda, therefore this whole Mueller "Report" is null and void and should be discounted. Adolf Drumpf was right about him all along.

Do you see where this is going? We already know that Barr is Drumpf's b*tch and time and again he has shown that he is willing to bend over and take it up the ass from Drumpf. So, don't just dismiss this whole scenario as some deep-seated conspiracy on my part. Everything we have seen in the last few months has been the setup to paint Mueller as "conflicted" and an "angry Democrat" in spite of him being a registered Republican.

The one fault that Mueller does have working against him, and Barr KNOWS this, is that he is predictable. He's a "by-the-book" soldier and Barr is going to use the one thing that people respect Mueller for....against him. I really hope there are people within Mueller's circle that are smart enough to know this is Barr's play and have a contingency plan in place.
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