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Re: Politics
« Reply #750 on: September 25, 2019, 07:28:13 pm »
1) It's not a transcript, it's a summary.  Slashed all to h*ll.  And they still couldn't get it right.

2) I've been tough on Pelosi for not impeaching until now, though Pence is as worse if not more so than Drumpf, and we really don't want pardons.  I knew Pence was rotten and had to go, and he's definitely involved in this Ukraine thing (same as Barr, who should never have been Attorney General in the first placee)... but I only now realized that holy sh*t, if they all go down that makes Pelosi President.  Yeah, no wonder she's been treading carefully, this goes wrong and it looks like a coup (even though it's technically undoing a coup).  That's going to make for some real tough optics in the 2020 election.  At least Pelosi isn't RUNNING and she'd only be POTUS for less than a year, probably, so that helps.  And quite frankly, that's more or less what I was thinking in 2016: the second they knew that there was foreign interference with the election, they should have started investigations and counter-operations, and prepare for paper ballots and if that went PAST inauguration time, Biden as VP should have severed as interim President with the top priority of holding a secure election as soon as possible, ideally within a year's timespan.

3) I also remembered that the GOP killed the idea of primaries, so now they're more or less committed to stand by their man. And Drumpf combined his relection campaign with the GOP reelection campaign, which already seemed like a scam to just steal fundraising money, but now... yeah, that could really cripple them next year.  This is actually a good rationale FOR public funded campaigns and elections, rather than private donors. 

4) Evidently, if there was secret voting to impeach Drumpf, it would pass ... I want to say Congress with 30 Rs.  Which means 30 Republicans are cowards and know the right thing to do but won't act.  An impeachment hearing, especially a clear cut simple one like this, you don't want to be on the wrong side of when re-election comes around.


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