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Re: Politics
« Reply #780 on: January 13, 2021, 09:02:10 pm »
Adolf got impeached today....again. Regarding delaying the Trial until Biden takes over has me thinking that its to keep Adolf in check in this final week. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen. But I do think it's to keep him from doing anymore damage because now he has to know that if he says or does ANYTHING to create more chaos, the spineless and feckless GOP Senate members will be more than free to convict him as retribution. But when the Trial actually starts, I think they are going to convict him no matter what, just so that they can take a vote to keep him from ever holding elected office ever again.....thus terminating his proposed 2024 run, which was never going to happen anyway. He would never run that kind of risk at being a loser....again, when no one votes for his fat, white, wrinkley, sagging a**, covered in the sh*t that his depends holds in place for him.
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