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Re: Politics
« Reply #75 on: May 04, 2012, 10:00:59 am »
President Nugent? Naw.. Him running would amount to the level of  "Gary Coleman size press". After the initial sideshow aspect to it, he would fade pretty fast, unless he was serious about doing real debates. The guy does like to talk, but can and would he actually attend a debate with moderators? If he did that he would have to abide by it's rules and I think Ted likes to control the debate as much as possible so that he can steamroll over his opponent. So, in order to be taken seriously, he is going to have to give up some of that control and 'man up' to the challenge.

Yep, he'd never make it. Too much of a hot head talker and all about himself. I'd think it would be very easy to push his buttons in the right environment.

Ted Nugent snaps at CBS reporter in first sit-down since Obama controversy

There was no moderation in Ted Nugentís first interview since his Secret Service investigation, as the rocker, in seconds, switched from unruffled discourse to expletive-ridden rage when asked about his recent political rhetoric.

In a sit-down interview with the "CBS Morning Show" on Friday, set at the musicianís ranch in Texas, Nugent met with journalist Jeff Glor in, what began as, a calm back-and-forth discussion about allegations he had threatened President Obama, and the Secret Service inquiry that ensued.


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