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Re: Silence
« on: May 22, 2012, 09:39:01 am »
CoolÖ another subject close to my heartÖ and mind. Iíve been aware of silence for a very long time. I guess itís the geeky side of me. Now, for me, it is looking for less noise pollution. I need those moments of time with little sound. I agree, I donít think people are comfortable with silenceÖ and you really need to learn to want it and find it.

But itís hard. In bible class, this has come up a couple of times. Once because of prayer. We were asked how long could we do silence and pray. Two different things, but they go together. Itís not the silence I worry about. Itís being silent, praying and keeping focused. With silence, your mind is open and my mind tends to drift all over the place. In prayer, that might become self defeating, besides all the warped things I think about.

The other time was trying to find silence, just so we could get in tune to ourselves. If you can get beyond the hippy sounding perspective, quiet really does help the body out. But many of us canít find that silence, especially if you live in those environments of crowds. With that Iíve suggested in past to folks like they did in the video within the forest, focus on particular sounds. For instance, go to those active placesÖ like a town square. Now start focusing on individual sounds. I think very quickly you can isolate those things. You can start to hear one conversation. Or one person talking. You can hear a door open. Then you can hear a particular bird in the tree or a leave rustle across the ground. I find it easy to do.

When youíre bombarded with Ďnoiseí, silence really can be golden.

Gawd, Iím sounding Feng Shei. Anyway, I do appreciate silence as much as I do a rocking song blaring from my sound system.

In one of our buildings in Seattle, the entrance/exit passes through one of those quiet chambers. Itís not completely closed in, but long enough, when you walk through it, it is absolutely jarring on the lack of or absorption of sound.
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