Author Topic: Taxes and the IRS  (Read 365 times)

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Re: Taxes and the IRS
« on: April 19, 2012, 06:56:56 am »
I listen to financial radio shows on occasion yesterday the discussion of the wealthy getting wealthier was interesting. The bottom line is the wealthy for the most part did not just fall into it, they worked for it. They researched the system and made it work for them. Yes, they were enabled in some ways, but they still figured out how to work it.

I think videoís like this are important. Iíll bet we will hear more discussion of this. Finances are bubbling up to be very important for the average person, mainly because times are rough. If times were comfortable, we would not have this discussion, even though we are still getting screwed.

Let me sweep into politics. For me, I think Mit Romney will have a tough time appealing to many a folk because of his wealth. If they are anything like me, whether it be real or not, people of huge wealth have a different view of the world and I donít know how I could even begin to relate, let alone believe their guidance will work for the US. I think that way about most politicians, because I believe most politicians are also wealthy and live in that other skewed world. They donít feel the pain or understand what Joe Average is going through. They make decisions on what they know.
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