Author Topic: Hooking Up Xbox, DVD Player, Receiver To TV  (Read 3029 times)

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Re: Hooking Up Xbox, DVD Player, Receiver To TV
« on: November 04, 2011, 11:30:37 am »
Well on the red/white/yellow cords the yellow is usually designated as video. Sorry I just took a look at my hook up with the magic of flash, I only need to have the camera pointed in the general direction of what I want to shoot, photography and I do have a up convert dvd player hooked up too. I only forgot about it because it hasn't been turned on in over a year and a half. Its a mess of wiring is what it is.

Yes video in and out on a receiver. Mine has a digital audio  The 3 HDMI ins are my 360, PS3, and Tivo. The reciever of course decodes the audio and send the video on through to the tv. Now on some older receivers, newer than yours, there was Svideo and component outs for similar set ups like my hdmi wiring. I ran out of HDMI ports on my reviver so I went hdmi from the UC dvd player into the tv and have a digital coax going back to the receiver. Its pretty horrible.  But I digress.

Taking another look at your receiver its stereo only so video ins and outs never happened. That would lead me to believe you had the 360 and dvd player going straight into the back of the tv and then used the 1 audio OUT on the tv to the back of the receiver.

So its would, if I'm right go like this. I am assuming you don't use the vcr part of the dvd/vhs combo machine -

dvd player -  go from the dvd/vhs OUT port to the back of the tv (channel 2) with the red/white/yellow cords. Now you'r going to run a red and white cord from the audio OUT on the tv to the receiver so you can have sound, again unless you want sount though your tv.

dvd player option 2 - Run b/r/g AND a red/white to the back of the tv and then a different r/w out to the receiver.

360 - Run the R/G/B wire to 4 or 5 that'll take care of the video. However you are going to run the red/white wires that split off from the 360 cord and go straight into your receiver, unless you want sound through your tv.

Glad I took those pictures and typed that other stuff out, it got my brain in gear.

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