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Re: iPad
« Reply #15 on: January 28, 2013, 05:38:23 pm »
I played with one a little bit.  It was cute.  But honestly, it IS a toy, it's to be enjoyed.  I usually work with my tech, scanning or filing or drawing or that sort of thing.  If I want to watch movies, I have a much better selection on my Laptop, and that screen stays up on its own.

What we need to be sold on, I think, is all the stuff the iPad can do that the regular computer can't.  The iPad is for when you don't have your computer with you, but I think we're all guys who always have their laptops with them... or are capable of restraining by techno-urges while I'm out in public and meant to do things.

I remember the first Comic-Con I went to after the iPad came out and people were using them at their tables to show off their artwork, that was kinda cool, the colours were more vibrant and they could show many more things.  That kind of use, but it'd need a couple dozen more to make it worth my interest.


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