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Re: iPhones
« on: September 17, 2013, 07:45:52 pm »
Remembering the thumb thieves from Back To The Future II now...

Fingerprint ID seems like a bad idea.  The FIRST EPISODE of Burn Notice pointed out that your fingerprint is on there all the time unless you clean it off after every use (unlikely, especially if you're on the street which is when it's most likely to be snatched), then a little trickery can get it unlocked.

Someone pointed out that there's a fifth amendment problem with this-- you can't be compelled to give away a password or any information that's in your head, but the same doesn't hold true for a fingerprint (or if you have the passwords written down, so MEMORIZE THEM PEOPLE).  So unless you have to put in a password as well as a thumbprint, your phone is a lot less secure.

The whole fingerprint ID thing sounds like kabuki security, it SEEMS like it would be secure but it really isn't.  We're overdue for a rethink on how security works, not this garbage.


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