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Re: TeeVee's
« on: February 05, 2014, 11:07:10 am »
My TV is about to crap out. The writing is on the wall. I've had this one in particular for well over 14 years. It's a Wega and never had a problem with it until a couple of months ago. Suddenly it was taking longer and longer for it to "warm up" for it to turn on. It started with a few minutes and then 15 minutes and then half an hour for it to give me any kind of picture. Last couple of weeks it takes 2 hours. Sheesh. But once it's up, it's like it's Brand New. Like I said, my TV doesn't have that many days left. I will ride it till the very end. I actually started looking at new TV's last week preparing for the inevitable so that I have an idea of what interest me. Glad to know that the prices of newer Flat Screen TV's have dropped drastically. Not sure what brand I will go with, but as you said, I won't be going anywhere near Sony.
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