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Title: Singers, style and voice
Post by: Mac on June 07, 2012, 09:34:27 am
Singers, style and voice

Something Iíve discovered about myself and the music I love definitely leans towards groups that have unique and good voices. Now thatís not to say an artist with a good voice Iím going to like. The voice has to marry up with the music and provide the chemistry that Iíve become attracted too. I look back on the artists that Iíve grown to love vs. the ones that never made it with me and find a distinct pattern. Music and artists that I like today follow this pattern. Again, this is not definitive. There are always exceptions to the rule.

Let me start off by shitting on music today. BAM

Itís not all music, in fact I get pretty damn excited when I discover new music and that happens more and more. I believe a great deal of music today is generated and ground through the machine. Artist that sound like a million other artists. Songs that sound like a million other songs. Itís then consumed by masses who donít seem to be too discriminating. Which in turn fuels the cycle and it continues to poor out crap. I think artists like Adele prove that the masses can appreciate good music and jump on it when it becomes available. But if great music is not there, then they just gravitate to what is presented to them. A vicious cycle. I donít have to watch American Idol to hear the machine grinding on that one. Iím sure there are some good singers on there, but I have to feel it. What little Iíve heard, most of the singers sound the same with the Maria Carey wailing. Thatís to generalized I know. Sorry. The only artist I think I had an interest in from American Idol is Daughtry, and even with him, he sounds like Creed and few other bands, and then keeps putting out the same song. Blehhh. So in other words, American Idol has been on a long time with lots of folks and produce nothingÖ for me. Iím constantly taken aback what impresses people.

The drive time station I listen to is a talk show, but the produce is an old time rocker and plays a variety of bumper music. Most of it I donít like or think meh. As I was thinking about those artist he was playing, it came down to the singers. The music was OK, some real good, but the singer just flattens it for me. For instance, he loves to play Thin Lizzy. Iím sorry, but I think Phil Lynott has a horrible voice. Some of the song arrangements are good, but when I hear his voice, it just wilts any enjoyment of the song. He plays bands that average to bad singers.

Bob Dylan is prime example. I donít understand the love for him. In fact, itís probably an extreme example of bad. As is the Grateful Dead.

I just do not enjoy a mediocre, or middle of the road voice that is indistinguishable from everyone else.

Speaking of, should we talk about Autotune? No, I donít think so. Itís one trick pony. A cheat and worst of all boring.

Which leads to all the ĎNowí various artists releaseís. I try very hard to find and discover new music. It sounds like work, but itís not. Itís fun to seek these things out. So I thought maybe these Now CDís would be good, fast way to find something I like. What Iíve discovered is they do reveal and reflects what pop music is popular at the particular time itís put out. I also discovered this is music I donít like. Itís not thinking like maybe Iíll like it or get use to it. Itís definitively describes irritating noise to my brain.

The bands I gravitate too typically have amazing voices. Journey (donít get me started about Journey singer evolution), Sting, Jethro Tull, Boston, Yes, Asia, Robbie Wiiliams, Adele, Bruno Mars, Motown, Elton John, Billy Joel and on and on. Not only are their voices full of soul and passion, the music they write compliments their voice so well.

On one hand I think Iím pretty open to a ton of a variety of music and artists, yet I do find myself knowing my limits and putting up walls. But in my defense, I think itís good to know what I donít like and quit wasting my time learning to like it.

This all goes hand in hand with my recent review of Great Whiteís Elation CD review and the article on Gen Y with quality of music.

I donít typically donít vocalize my thoughts with regards to music. I just feel it like lots of other folks. I do think about it on occasion. Penny Can is just a great opportunity to have those thoughts written down. Right, wrong or indifferent. 
Title: Re: Singers, style and voice
Post by: Chiprocks1 on June 07, 2012, 10:30:47 am
Well thought out Mac. I do agree that as a whole the singer AND the music is what's going to make or break it with me. There are a ton of female sings that can run their scales and hit octaves without breaking a sweat, but what about the music that is backing them up. I will give you a clear example: Christina Aguilera. Love her or hate her, she has got the vocal chops to back her  s h i t  up. But that's all she has in my eyes...and ears. The music that she churns out is horrid, vomit inducing tripe that sounds old the minute it comes out. Why? Because she is another victim to the "in-house" mentality of Music Corporations that rely on the same beats, producers and song writers and it sounds dated because they are going with what is "hot" at the moment.

I think if she were to go away for a year, write song after song on an acoustic guitar or piano with no outside help and then come back and record it live with just a couple of people she could produce something quite memorable. The problem is, she will always have an A&R Suit chirping in her ear, "if you want a hit song, you're gonna need this, this, this, this......" And so the cycle repeats itself.
Title: Re: Singers, style and voice
Post by: Mac on June 07, 2012, 12:23:40 pm
Good point. I donít know Christina Aguileraís work. Either because I may have heard her and jumped to turn the station or they just donít play her on the stuff I listen to. What you said makes me think of Alicia Keys. I really didnít know anything about her until I heard Empire State of Mind with Jay-Z (which I learned about from Glee). Then I discovered she put out her version of Empire State Of Mind, PT II, which today I find in my top 5 songs evah. Then diving into her catalog of workÖ not so much. Too much wailing and hip-hop. But, she did continue, presented us with something different. I love her for that. I think P!nk is masterful in covering a variety of styles and very excited on what she has yet to bring us.

Speaking of in-house mentality, I have long thought about that of radio stations. At one point, local radio was cool with itís freedom to play things. TodayÖ unthinkable. Little boxes and play within this boundary. I find rock radio extremely limiting, boring and the lowest common denominator.

Sorry... jumped the track there.
Title: Re: Singers, style and voice
Post by: Mac on February 13, 2014, 07:44:26 am
So my wife turned on American Idol last night. I was a captured viewer because I was sitting down to eat dinner and she had it on.

Nothing's changed with regards to my 'hating' the show. Except, the little bit I watched was even worse than what I've seen before. First I watch two young girls compete against each other because the judges can only pick one. WTF... I dunno. Anyway, they have a solo sing-off right there. Not only did they sound exactly the same, there was nothing distinctive about them vocal wise. Boring.

Then a young man performs and he did have a distinctive style. IMO, something akin to Chris Issak. He was far more interesting than the cookie cutter singers.

The kicker was the way it was put together. The judges were talking during the performance. The visuals were overlapping images of the singer and judges in a very 'syrupy' pulling at the heart strings presentation. I thought it was ridiculous.

Now mind you, I only watched about 15 minutes, but that was the longest 15 hours of my life.

The sad thing is, I'm sure there is some talent out that should be heard, but to wade through all that mediocre crap has zero pull on me.

Just let me know when someone does well and makes a record... OK.
Title: Re: Singers, style and voice
Post by: Chiprocks1 on February 13, 2014, 07:48:39 am
I watched the first episode for this season (the last being about 4-5 years ago). I only had it on because there was nothing else to watch. You're right in that nothing has changed and with the lack of talent on the show, I haven't bothered to go any further with this season. I was planning on watching the 'rejects' episodes leading up to Hollywood week, but I lost my interest, the same as before 5 years ago.