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Title: Bone: Crown Of Horns (Vol. 9) - Jeff Smith
Post by: Chiprocks1 on July 24, 2011, 09:04:43 am
Bone: Crown Of Horns (Vol. 9) 2002


Written and Drawn by Jeff Smith
Colors by Steve Hamaker

Bone: Crown Of Horns (Vol. 9) wraps up the adventure for Fone Bone, Smiley Bone and Phoney Bone. This was a good ride and I was glad to have finally read the story that I've been hearing about for years. If I take anything away from this series it's a new favorite character: Phoney Bone. Haha. I love this cool cat.

*Spoiler Alert*

As for the story within Volume 9 I thought the whole idea of all the dragons attacking the Queen Dragon Mim, was pretty cool. Also, I thought Jeff Smith did a really good job of cross cutting between the Gran'ma / Soldiers scenes with that of Fone Bone and Thorn. The tension was well placed. Bravo.

The ending I kind of have a problem with. I was expecting a little bit more in the way of them getting back to Boneville. Oh well...

*End Spoiler Alert*

I definitely recommend the Bone series for everyone.

Rating: 4 Stars out of 5