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Title: Battle: Los Angeles (2011)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on July 29, 2011, 09:21:41 pm
Battle: Los Angeles (2011)



I've heard the common criticism of Battle Los Angeles of it being loud, noisy, cliched, mindless and so on. Who the **** cares. When you go into watching a movie like this...what the hell are you expecting? It is what it is. And to me this was a fun 2 hours. If I were to decscribe what this movie is, I would say it's a cross between ID4 and Black Hawk Down. I will admit that I had very low expectations of this going into the movie. But right the from the get go I was drawn into the war. Aaron Eckhart as the unit's leader takes charge, carrying some heavy baggage from his last tour. Yes, it was obvious from the get go that he was hated by his own men and that by the end of the film he would earn the respect and admiration of those serving under him.

I'll just jump to the end when his Unit took out the Command-Center of the aliens. It was **** exhilarating when they succeeded taking down that mammoth hunk-o-junk. This is definitely a Buy for me.