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Title: Step into Liquid (2003)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on September 03, 2012, 01:51:10 pm
Step Into Liquid



Continuing onward with my Surfing marathon, I dive head first into Step Into Liquid, a fascinating look into the world of Surfing and what it means to some of the biggest names in the sport as well as the kid next door catching their very first wave. This technically a documentary, but the way it's shot and edited together, it's very much a film in every sense of the word.

One of the coolest segments is on Supertanker Surfing which takes place in the Atlantic Ocean and it's shipping lanes of Tanker Ships that produce solid waves made to be carved up. When the guy says you can literally ride one wave for a good 2-3 miles nonstop, it's no lie. Think about that for a second. Most waves, if they are good last about 30 seconds. But 3 miles....damn!! The film crew travels all over the world to showcase some of the most breathtaking surf spots you will ever see. Some of the spots are secret while others are not so secret. But there is one spot you, me or most pro surfers (unless you got coin to pay) out there will never get to experience in person and that's a place 100 miles off the coast of San Diego called The Cortes Bank. What makes this place so unique is that you are out in the middle of nowhere with 80 foot waves that manifest themselves from nothing.

If the waves don't kill you, the sharks will as there are plenty waiting to feed on you. But the most incredible scene you will ever see takes place here. It's what the entire movie has been building up to and the way the film and sound editiors present the scene was stunning and a stroke of genius to get a certain kind of reaction from the viewer. When the scene begins to play, all the sounds of the waves, the music and the narrator fade out until their is nothing left but a deafening silence as you watch one surfer about to embrace the biggest ride of his life with a mountain of water measured at 66 feet tall (He has since broken that record with a 77 foot tall wave). Sheesh! No matter how many times I've watched this DVD and this scene in particular, it still makes the hair on my arms stand on end.

If you have a Surround Sound System, be prepared for this DVD to give it a major workout. The Sound and Video is amazing to hear and watch. The music is kick ass and will have you friends and neighbors in awe. This is definitely a must-Buy. The Pro Surfers that had cameos in Blue Crush ('s-blu-rays/blue-crush-(2002)/msg11837/#msg11837) and North Shore ('s-blu-rays/north-shore-(1987)/msg11927/#msg11927) all get their time in the spotlight in Step Into Liquid. Just an awesome film all around.