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Title: The Sleepover (Horror)
Post by: Mac on November 21, 2012, 07:34:31 am
The Sleepover

Why Watch? Bursting with iconography and horror know-how, this proof of concept was picked to play at Fantastic Fest after winning the Lionsgate-sponsored Cabin in the Woods filmmaking competition over at Vimeo. No surprise that it went on to become a Staff Pick on the video site.

The movie from director Chris Cullari focuses on a young boy spending the night over at a friend’s house during a strange moment “between the sequels” of the town’s terrifying masked killer. The sharp script is a heavy dose of youthful bliss with a dash of genre awareness and the pungent aroma of a campfire tale.

Well-acted and shot with quickness and grace, it’s a solid lesson in taking the stories your parents scare you with seriously. The production team is looking to make a feature film version. Do you think they’ve earned it?

What will it cost you? Only 5 minutes.