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Title: FCA! 35 Tour - An Evening With Peter Frampton
Post by: Mac on December 09, 2012, 07:54:31 pm
FCA! 35 Tour - An Evening With Peter Frampton (

I have just found another entry into one of the best concert DVD's evah. FCA Frampton Comes Alive 35th Anniversary Concert tour is caught on Blu-Ray and it looks and sounds gorgeous. Yes, I grew up with Frampton Comes Alive and it was played everywhere. I had not listened to it for years, picked up the extended version CD earlier and now the this concert comes out celebrating the event.

Played in it's entirety to flawless perfecting put some, I well more than pleased with FCA. Peter Frampton's voice has lost nothing and his guitar playing... well, the sucker can rip it up. Phenomenal playing. This is a 3 hour concert ending the show with some recent material and the cherry on top is a couple of my favorite tracks from Humble Pie Days. Dayum is sounds soooo good. And let's bring Julian, Peter's son into the business. Julian does a great job on vocals.

There is nothing to the stage but the band, some lights and some background images. It does not get any simpler, clearer than this.

The editing is perfect. For those directors thinking about capturing a concert film, please take notes. Purrr-fect. Steady cam with minimal cuts. Great close-ups when needed. The sound was just amazing.

One last thing... The man smiles and transcends to the audience. I love it when it's apparent the band is having a good time, appreciates the audience and gives them a memorable performance of a life time.


A classic track, albeit an acoustic one, just a glimpse of the concert