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Title: Californication (Season 5 - 2012)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on May 21, 2013, 11:08:00 pm
Californication (Season 5)



I f*cking love Californication and what's fascinating is to see that even after 5 seasons in, there hasn't been a drop in the quality of the story lines and new characters they bring in. Not that there was anything from the previous season telling me so, but I did kind of expect there to be a drop. There wasn't. Sure, at times the humor wasn't as organic as it had been and the Season Finale did feel a little too sitcom-y, especially with Charlie jumping in front of a bullet. But overall, I was very satisfied with the season.

I really liked the addition of RZA, who was fantastic, Meagan Good who is about the most gorgeous creature on the planet and Scott Michael Foster, the most annoying dipsh*t ever, but he brought a much needed conflict to Hank. It was cool to see him challenged the way he was, knowing that he really couldn't do anything for fear of p*ssing off Becca. Having this go on for the entire season just made the beat-down all the more awesome when it finally happened.

The cliffhanger didn't surprise me at all. As soon as I saw his Ex-Girlfriend, played by Natalie Zea, in his house, I immediately knew that it was going to take a turn to the dark side and that she would get back at him. I was expecting her to shoot or stab him in a jealous rage. Booze and pills also works. So, what's gonna happen? I now have to wait forever for Season 6 on DVD. Sigh. Anyway, I highly recommend this as a Buy.

The biggest bonus for me during this season was seeing Camilla Luddington. Up till now, I really only knew her best as the voice and motion capture model for Tomb Raider. Damn, she is unbelievably gorgeous and I was not expecting to see her naked as much as she was. Yowwza!  What a face. Those eyes, that smile.....Yeah, definitely a Buy. What's funny is that when she was on screen here, I would start hearing her dialog from Tomb Raider. Now when I play Tomb Raider, I'm gonna see her in a totally different light. Duh.

FYI, Natascha McElhone STILL takes my breath away. (
Title: Re: Californication (Season 5 - 2012)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on May 21, 2013, 11:08:30 pm
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