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Title: Bad Boys (1983)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on September 10, 2013, 10:14:34 pm
Bad Boys
Uncut & Uncensored




The ORIGINAL Bad Boys! Not the one directed by Michael Bay either! I can't believe how old this movie is. Last time I saw it, it had to be around 84-85 and I had watched it plenty of times when it first came out. This would have me still in Junior High School last time I saw this. Sheesh!! As I remember it, this was probably the first movie that I liked that was set in the world of the "Prison" genre and one that set me on a course of being a fan of for years to come. But what really makes this movie fun to watch back then and even more so now is the cast of Sean Penn, Esai Morales, Alan Ruck, Clancy Brown, Eric Gurry and Alley Sheedy.

Out of the entire cast, the only actor I even knew of was Penn who was phenomenal in this one. Everyone else was a big mystery to me and this was actually the film debut of Brown and Sheedy. It has been fun following everyone's career ever since seeing the movie when it came out. Everyone but Gurry that is. It's ironic that the one actor in Bad Boys that steals every damn scene he is in, pretty much disappeared from Hollywood all together a couple of years after this came out. The kid was funny in this. Would have been fun to see what else he could do.

This is definitely worth a Rent. I still think the movie depicts a brutal lifestyle in a juvenile detention center. It's a gritty drama that would most definitely scare any kid straight in this day and age about turning to a life of crime, especially when you see what you will have to deal with and endure behind iron bars. It still has an impact all these years later and holds up extremely well. So imagine how scared sh*tless I was seeing this back when I was still in Jr. High. Give it a chance, it's a solid film with a great cast.

The DVD says it's Uncut & Uncensored. Well, I watched this plenty as a kid and I can't tell any differences between then and now. So, I don't know what or if anything new was added to the movie. I will have to check out the bonus stuff on the disc to see what they have to say about it. I will say that I don't remember being THAT many F-Bombs flying in the movie. I mean, damn, that is A LOT of F-Bombs, even by today's standards.
Title: Re: Bad Boys (1983)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on September 10, 2013, 10:15:03 pm
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