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Title: Sara Bareilles
Post by: Mac on October 17, 2013, 08:14:38 am
Sara Bareilles - The Pagaent (Oct 2013)

Coming to a close of her Blessed Unrest tour supporting her latest album, The Pagaent was sold out with a couple of thousand screaming female fans. I was definitely in the minority. I think I could accurately guess the audience was 90% women, and guess again probably half were lesbian. It doesnít take psychologist to see the obvious. Not a big deal, I just had no idea about her fan base. I just like her music, despite it verging on pop. But like Adele, her songs have passion and are written from her own personal experiences. I think just ups the talent and skill of her writing.

Sara definitely took center stage and the spotlight, leaving the great support band to provide a very entertaining evening. She talked between songs and its if like she was your good friend. Very friendly, yet funny. Loved her moments in between songs.

Iím not a huge fan, I like her enough when her music comes on, it moves me. The ticket prices were decent and thought, lets give it a go, despite already having plans to see P!ink next month.

I think Sara Bareilles is happy with her success. She reminds me a lot of Jason Mraz, starting off with a dedicated core group of fans and then just putting out quality material and growing.

Title: Re: Sara Bareilles
Post by: Mac on October 17, 2013, 08:30:29 am
By the way, Harper Blynn ( opened for Sara and I was rather impressed. Kind of pop/Alternative. With a bare bones stage, the 4 members produced some pretty interesting sounds.

I believe I will seek out their CD

Youtube Videos (

and on a side note.... both drummers of the bands inspired me that some pretty good percussion can come out of a 3 piece drum kit.