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Title: KISS & Tell By Gordon G.G. Gebert and Bob McAdams (2010)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on July 02, 2014, 06:45:03 pm
KISS & Tell By Gordon G.G. Gebert and  Bob McAdams


A little back story about the book before I get into my review. Gordon Gebert was Ace Frehley's "best friend" growing up. He knew him before KISS and then basically ended up becoming his lackey, monkey, errand boy. Gerbert ended up running Ace's fan club and by the end of the day Ace had filed for bankruptcy and claiming that Gebert embezzled money from said fan club. That's how this book came about. To set the "record straight" and enlighten people who and what Ace is all about. The sole purpose of the book is to discredit and assassinate Ace's character by dishing on some pretty embarrassing moments in Ace's life No stone is left un-turned in trying to paint Ace and lazy, dishonest, sex obsessed and a drug addict. With just Gordon telling his stories, this book would be very short. So Bob McAdams, another 'best friend" of Ace also adds his own personal stories with the same intent of making Ace look stupid. But here's the problem, they may have made Ace look really bad, but they also made themselves look even dumber than Ace.

These two clowns brag about having more game than Ace and how they could pick up any girl. Maybe they could. But to hear about how they drafted off of Ace's fame, name and notoriety is just pathetic. They slam Ace for being lazy and not doing sh*t. What the f*ck did these two clowns ever do for themselves? Exactly. Nothing! I was warned not to read the book because those wanting to keep the myth and legend of Ace intact will look at him in a different light by the final page. I will say that's somewhat true. But a lot of what passes for stories is stuff I already knew about. Can't recommend this book at all. The writing is below average. It's formatted weird and at the end of the day, you just don't care what either has to say. This is a Skip. I will say that I did find it interesting how Ace and Vinnie Vincent's story about taking advantage of fans is pretty much identical to some extent.
Title: Re: KISS & Tell By Gordon G.G. Gebert and Bob McAdams (2010)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on July 14, 2014, 06:12:53 am

I hate Gordon even more after this interview. Talk about an ego out of control. The fact that he would even "joke" that he saved KISS is laughable. Sure, he may have saved Ace's life a few times over the years. But to say that he is he reason why anything relating to KISS today is attributed to him.....Ugh. Shut the f*ck up you idiot. With that said, I didn't realize how much he sounds like Peter Criss. Hell, even his laugh is similar to his. I guess it's the Brooklyn accent.