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Title: I Love Trouble - Volume 1 by Kel Symons & Mark Robinson (2014)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on July 12, 2014, 09:23:59 pm
I Love Trouble - Volume 1


It's not a stretch to say that I'm very disappointed in Volume 1 of I Love Trouble. The main reason why I sought out the book was because of Mark A. Robinson artwork. I have been a follower of his on Deviant Art for a long time. I love his pencils that he has on his site. What's interesting is that he never post scans of his pencils. He only takes pictures of his finished pencils and uploads that to his page. My guess is that this is the only way he can combat art thieves who have made it a everyday occurrence to swipe art from DA and then make something out of the art, be it T Shirts, posters, prints, etc....So, by taking pics, it pretty much nips it in the bud.

So, with this being the only way I get to see his art, I figured that I'd finally get around to see where his talents were ending up in and that was in I Love Trouble. Unfortunately, the writing is pretty weak and Mark's storytelling is lacking. It's confusing to put it mildly. Some of the scenes that he constructs just make no sense whatsoever and it hurts whatever flow it is able to generate. Also, I think the colors actually take away from his art. It's not surprising that the best part of the entire book are the sketches and doodles at the end of the book, which has more life and spark to them than anything else. Definitely a Skip. Story sucks.