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Title: Gone Girl (2014)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on March 07, 2015, 11:54:04 pm
Gone Girl



Going into Gone Girl, I knew that a great majority was split on it. People either loved it, calling it the best movie of the year, or they hated it, calling it the worst movie of the year. I'm right in the middle. Not the best, but certainly not the worst for sure. Yes, there are some major plot holes which is the prime reason why I wouldn't, couldn't say this was a home run. It was actually the ending, or the lack of one that ruined it for me. The fact that they had a 2.5 hour long movie, building up to a grand climax only to be denied was kind of a 'f*ck you' to anyone that stayed with it all the way. More on that in a bit. Let's start from the beginning shall we.

Other than the love/hate talk the movie generated, I knew zero about the plot other than it was a 'murder mystery'. So, when the movie opens up and we get the voice over narration of Rosamund Pike's character, it all but tells you right out of the gate that she is not dead. So, this little insight kind of wrecks the whole idea of whether or not Ben Affleck's character killed her. Were we suppose to have it be a guessing game for the first hour of the movie? Wasn't that the intent? If so, the narration took that away from me or anyone that was smart enough to listen to how she was narrating it all. Now the middle section is where I thought the movie was good. Once it's revealed that she is in fact alive, it becomes a chess game between the two leads, and I thought it was good because at least here, I didn't have any preconceived idea of who would get the upper hand. Brutal sex scene that ends with 'Doogie Howser' laying in a pool of his own blood. Sadly, I saw this coming a mile away. It was her only "out" from her situation.

Now for the ending, why they chose to leave it ambiguous is dumb. I want a ending that I can put in a box and be done with. I guess David Fincher, if he is doing something different from the source material of the book ( I dunno as I've never read it), he would go down this route because both of these characters are what you would call despicable people that deserved to "stay married" to each other, with no happy endings. I just think that if you are going to keep me in my seat for such a long time, then you better damn well give me a definitive, come comeuppance ending. One last thing, Tyler Perry was really good. Nice to see him doing something that doesn't require dressing up in old women's clothes. Worth a Rent just for the middle section of the movie. But to enjoy that, you're gonna have to sit through it all and that's going to irk you for sure. So, it's a no-win situation if you go down that road.
Title: Re: Gone Girl (2014)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on March 07, 2015, 11:54:34 pm
Gone Girl DVD Screencaps

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Title: Re: Gone Girl (2014)
Post by: Mac on March 08, 2015, 05:46:42 am
Way to f**king long for a mediocre movie. Like I said, if people think this movie is great, it doesn't take much to impress them.