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Title: Kill the Messenger (2014)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on July 03, 2015, 02:54:34 pm
Kill the Messenger


When I came across Kill the Messenger in my Library feed, I recognized the name of the movie but didn't know anything about it at all. Even when I went to pick it up, I still didn't have a clue. It actually took a few minutes into the before I realize that this was going to be about an Investigative reporter that blew the lid off of the whole CIA's role in importing crack c o c a i n e  into the U.S. to secretly fund the Nicaraguan contra rebels. Beyond just the cliffnotes of the story (I barely remember any of it), this story was all new to meas it's sure to be new to most other people as well. The title of the film refers (in my eyes at least) to how the CIA goes to great lengths to discredit anyone that stands up to them, all in the effort of maintaining the lie. Solid performance from  Jeremy Renner as Gary Webb. Highly recommend this to anyone interested in history. With that said, I'm sure a movie like this is bound to have naysayers that claim factual inaccuracies. Still enjoyable to see play out.