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Title: Katy Perry: Prismatic Tour
Post by: Mac on September 28, 2015, 01:32:12 pm
Katy Perry: Prismatic Tour

Mark Klose, a well respected, long time radio personality was talking recently about how good the Katy Perry movie on Netflix is. This tends to raise eyebrows because for over 30 years, Mark has been a classic rock guy. But I have noticed hints and allegations of his love for pop.

So I decided to sit down and check her out. Now remember, I probably know a whole two songs from her and they sound the same. So thrill me.

Well, it took only the first song for her to dash my hopes. Apparently Katy Perry is one of those Ďartistsí that performs her songs WITHOUT a band. Itís all stage show. Wasnít expecting that honestly. I just figured a band would be present. Not really interested in a show performer without the skills of band present.

I watched 3 songs and I was done. I have no idea what Mark was thinking.