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Title: Spy (2015)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on October 11, 2015, 06:49:45 pm


I absolutely did not expect to like Spy at all. It's not that I went into this wanting or expecting to hate it, but The Heat ('s-blu-rays/the-heat-(2013)/msg29543/#msg29543), her most recent effort with Paul Feig completely disappointed me, so I had very low expectations for this and pretty much figured all the funniest parts were in the trailer with nothing saved for the movie itself. Not only is this everything Heat should have been, it's also a great film in the Spy Genre. I wasn't sure if the premise of  Melissa McCarthy as a Spy could work. But one little training video from her past puts that to rest and makes the rest of the movie entirely believable. Melissa is f*cking hilarious here, exhibiting her comedic chops at every turn. I found myself laughing out loud plenty of times. As great as she is here, for me, it's Jason Statham that steals the movie in a way I NEVER saw coming. He too is f*cking hilarious. So damn funny. His character always has some story to tell about his bad-assness as he plays up his machismo and you can't help but laugh at every absurd tale he tells. I can definitely recommend this as a Rent if you are in the mood for a good comedy. I think the movie is good enough to actually turn this into a franchise. I definitely see a sequel coming in the near future and something I'd like to see happen.