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Title: Star Trek: Discovery
Post by: Neumatic on July 23, 2016, 03:44:25 pm
It took a couple seconds for my brain to register the fact that "this is real."  This is the new Star Trek.

Interesting.  Looks like the Planet Of The Titans-style Enterprise, and the number suggests that it's halfway between Enterprise and TOS, so we can expect a real earth-y, no-frills type of ship.  Hopefully they'll avoid some of the bigger "prequel" issues that Enterprise had (like how they just felt underpowered all the time) and find a way to carve out an interesting direction.

For context, the ship looks like the old Ralph McQuarrie paintings from the 70s, like this:



This kind of feels like TFA, when they started using the old paintings and ideas and brought back to life.

AND the show is PRIME universe.  PRIME!  That means everything that's not the JJ-verse.  Which means we'll probably get the old-school mainstay aliens  and designs: Klingons with real turtle heads, Romulans without facial tattoos, Andorians, all the good stuff.  And despite the era, I hope we get some more of the aliens running around the Alpha Quadrant like we saw before: Cardassians, Benzites, Bolians, Bajorans, Ferengi, etc.  I miss those guys.  Nothing against the great alien work in the JJ movies (especially Beyond), but part of the Trek universe are those Michael Westmore aliens.