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Title: 80s Remakes
Post by: Neumatic on November 11, 2016, 06:21:43 pm
I thought for sure that we had an appropriate thread for this... we talk about bad remakes all the time, but a quick search proved me wrong.  We don't have a space for talking about remakes in general, and given their persistence, we probably should.

Anyway, I came here to post this article from Inverse, asking Are Any 1980s Movie Remakes Actually Good? (  Definitely worth a read.  I will contest their inclusion of the remake of Footloose, I enjoyed that but it wasn't really a remake or a re-imagining, to me it was just a re-skin.  Like when they re-release an old video game on a new console and spruce up the polys and pixels.

And they raise a point that everyone brings up... so often that I doubt it will ever be acted on: why don't they remake bad movies with good premises?  The stuff we barely remember, instead of the ones we remember so well that it will only invite unfair comparisons?
Title: Re: 80s Remakes
Post by: Mac on November 12, 2016, 04:22:27 am
I've been saying that for years. If ya have to do a remake, make it from a badly done flick, with a kernel of great concept, throw in some contemporary, if need be and 'create' something bigger than it was.

The reasons I heard they do remakes of iconic films is strictly kids today won't see something with age. And I guess they are leaving it to the generation that recalls the original when it was memorable, to get out and see the remake? For nostalgia?

I didn't quite understand the point about The Thing. John Carpenters version was the quintessential remake from a terrible 50's flick. The recent remake of Carpenters perfect film, was a lost cause from the moment it was conceived.

Good article.