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Title: Sausage Party (2016)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on January 07, 2017, 10:24:33 pm
Sausage Party


Sausage Party is everything that you've heard it to be and more. This is one of the most raunchiest scripts I've ever come across before and I include live action films in this category. The big push for the movie when it first dropped was how it was going to be a straight up Adult Cartoon. I had watched the Red Band Trailer, so I knew what I was getting. But as the movie played on, I really was surprised at just how much and how far they were able to push the envelope. This has more F-Bombs than Sam Jackson. A million double entendre's and if you can't read between the lines in deciphering what the meaning is, well then there are the scenes that pretty much tell you what the characters are inferring. Beyond the profanity, there are some pretty gruesome death scenes that did come across as sad and shocking and I get why it was done. But the most shocking scene of course was the  r a p e  scene, which it clearly was. I'm not a prude....far from it, but even I thought that they went way overboard on that.

Now, as far as the movie goes, there are a lot of funny bits that will have you howling with laughter. Some real gut-busting laughs are to be found here. The story itself is basically a riff (and swipe) of Toy Story and Pixar in general. It's not original and they aren't reinventing the wheel. It's just about amping up the content and seeing how  much they can get away with a Hard R. Definitely worth checking out for sure. I give the movie itself 3 Stars, but I'm adding an extra Star for the fact that no one that worked on the film compromised themselves in their vision for the movie and getting talked down by the studio brass to do a more "kid-friendly" cut of the film. You know there were discussions to do that for the sake of selling Toys and getting as many asses in seats as possible to sell tickets. Be sure to check out the DVD Bonuses for the behind the scenes stuff, especially Voice Recording Sessions, which I found to be even more funnier than the flick itself.