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Title: Justice League (2017)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on September 02, 2018, 07:49:04 am
Justice League (2017)
2 Stars out of 5


In a word, Justice League sucks. Sigh. As much as I wanted to like this, I didn't. No amount of trying to convince myself that what I'm watching is the best thing ever....or at least decent, my mind can not trick me. This movie was and is such a monumental letdown to say the least and here's the kicker, I knew it was going to be a let down. How? Why? Well, it starts at the top and that's Zack Snyder. With the exception of one movie of his (Watchman), he has turned out very mediocre films, especially those in the DCU. Yeah, Snyder can film "pretty" scenes, but when it comes to crafting a narrative, he has only one peer on his level: Michael Bay. If DC is really serious about turning their DCU films around, they absolutely have to get rid of Snyder. Like I said, it starts at the top and if they continue to allow him creative control of what happens in this universe, we are going to continue to have sh*tty movies being shoved down our throats.

There's just too many things with this movie....and all the other film DC films he is tied to to really comment on. Justice League's story is just a mind numbing cluster f*ck that is neither engaging or important enough to bother wasting your time with. He mishandles everyone from Batman to Superman to Aquaman and to a large extent Wonder Woman, a character thus far to have a superior movie to her name and the one that Snyder had nothing to do with. Go figure. How do you f*ck up The Flash here? I know that he is meant to be used for comedic relief, but Snyder makes him look beyond stupid and idiotic. If this is where they are taking the character, I for one have no desire to see the stand alone movie that's coming.

I should have seen where Justice League was going from the very first scene of the movie. The f*ck up of all f*ck ups: Henry Cavill's digitally "removed" mustache is beyond distracting. I heard about this debacle prior to watching the movie, but I never really believed at just how bad everyone made this out to be. Well, everything you have heard is absolutely TRUE. It is awful and what makes it stunning is just how bad the job is for a movie that has millions of dollars behind it. How does something this bad ever get signed off by those overseeing the Special FX. The "Special FX" is so bad, it literally makes Henry Cavill / Superman look like a CGI character from head to toe, in spite of only having the FX applied to his upper lip. Yeah, I can go on and on about everything else that is wrong about the movie and how the best thing the DCU can do is fire Snyder, but I've already wasted enough of my precious time. Skip this if you want a sound story. If all you want is eye candy (upper lip candy notwithstanding), then maybe you will enjoy this one.
Title: Re: Justice League (2017)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on September 10, 2018, 05:38:54 am
So, this popped into my head this morning.....

Question: Why the f*ck did the Studio not go back and fix the botched job on those Mustache-scenes for the DVD? If the Studio wants to use the "we were facing the impending release deadline and had no choice but to release sh*tty FX job as is for the initial theatrical release" as their crutch and excuse. What excuse did they use for not doing it for the DVD? It's not like the original footage no longer exist and they can't do anything about it.