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Title: Halloween (2018)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on February 16, 2019, 06:45:58 pm
Halloween (2018)
4 Stars out of 5


I've never, ever given a f*ck about the Halloween franchise. Horror movies in general just don't deliver for me in anyway and this one in particular never grabbed my attention, even with people always talking about it. I've never seen any of the films and that includes the first one. Well, I have seen a handful of clips over the years given how iconic the movie is. So, what finally convinced me to finally sit down and watch this one? Well, when the Trailer dropped, it reminded me of T2 in a way. Where Sarah Connor was the victim in the first film, she herself becomes the "Terminator" in the followup and that's exactly what Halloween is with Jamie Lee Curtis to the role she made famous. The roles are reversed here with he character basically waiting 40 years to finally exact her revenge. The fact that she is so much older just makes this all the more appealing. There is nothing better than seeing an older woman kicking ass and carrying a big Hollywood movie as she does.

With that said, she really isn't in the movie a whole lot. They set her up at the beginning and she pops up here and there in the first 2/3 of the flick. Its not until the 3rd Act do we finally get what we are waiting for. One thing this movie did do that went against the "norms" of what is and isn't allowed in some of the other Horror movies I have managed to watch all the way through is that you never kill a child. That goes out the window at the beginning when Michael Myers does exactly that and that's what made it so shocking. Just figured the kid would somehow escape. I don't need to talk about the rest of the flick. It's a Horror movie, you know what that entails. But I will talk about the ending. Sequel. Sure, they "blow up Myers" in the house....but we never really see him perish. Definitely worth a Rent. I was entertained, which I didn't expect.