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Title: 99 Stories
Post by: Mac on March 02, 2012, 02:01:43 pm
It was a toss up between in Television here and Sci-fi. Since it's still being developed, it's appropriate here.

AMC has agreed to develop sci-fi horror series "99 Stories," says THR.

Feature writer David Seltzer developed and will write the series with James Middleton ("The Sarah Connor Chronicles") and Steven Banks ("Women in Law") executive producing.

The show features a pretty cool premise as it is "set in a new 99-story high-rise building in which a group of strangers gets trapped."

AMC vice president of original series Christina Wayne said: "We want to do original programming that is cinematic and flows seemingly into the films. This seemed like the perfect fit."

"99 Stories" will be part of AMC's Monsterfest season, featuring 240 hours of non-stop horror films as well as online video.

Seltzer said of his series: "Each story presents a different kind of challenge for the group. The elevators are in control of destiny, whittling them out by deciding who they deem deserve to go up."

Ya, let's see how this develops. On one hand it's AMC, on the other hand David Seltzer? He's all over the place.