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Title: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on March 28, 2012, 01:47:26 pm
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Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 06, 2012, 10:27:11 am
What is the Best INXS Album of All Time?

Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 06, 2012, 10:38:54 am
INXS - The One Thing

INXS - Don't Change

INXS - Original Sin

I'm a huge fan of INXS, but I didn't get into them until Listen Like Thieves. Never went back to get their earilier albums which is kind of ironic given that Don't Change is one of my all time favorite songs. I do have the song on their Shine Like It Does: The Anthology (19791997) Set. So it's not like I'm missing everything from their Vault. Anyway, posting the videos from their albums which I don't have so that you can see where they are coming from...and the rest of the thread will show where they went.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Mac on April 06, 2012, 10:48:57 am
I'm not a much of fan of INXS. Many years ago, I happened across hearing this one song (Don't Change) that instantly caught my attention. Before the internet, I had a tough time hunting this song down. Who were these guys playing this song? I don't recall how and when I figured out it was INXS as the artists, but was so glad to find out so I could get my hands on a good recording.

Love this song. It's at the top of my list of songs, that when I get my 'party' band together that plays really fun songs, Don't Change will be played.

The video did nothing for me. In fact, I probably shouldn't have watch it. Typical bad video of the band from the 80's.

Hey, found a good live video if you wanna switch (grin)
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 06, 2012, 10:52:17 am
Well, I'm a stickler for cataloging all artists videos, crappy or not. But definitely post the other video up here as well. I'd like to check it out.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Mac on April 06, 2012, 11:03:17 am
I admittedly have not dove to deep into INXS. I think I know most of their bigger hits. It may be just me but I found Don't Change fairly different than their other material. Ya think that's right, or Don't Change is very typical of their stuff?
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 06, 2012, 11:12:29 am
Honestly Mac, you couldn't be more off the mark about INXS. Speaking strictly from a music fan perspective and not a fanboy of INXS, I can be completely objective here when I say they are one of the most diverse bands ever. Every album is different and every one of their songs is different. If you look at pretty much of all of their biggest hits you will see that none of them sounds anything like the other which goes to show that they can write incredible, memorable songs. It's for this very reason why I am looking forward to dissecting everything from Listen Like Thieves to Elegantly Wasted, 6 albums total in this thread. Hopefully one or more of the reviews I put up will give you the push to check out an album and give it a listen. You'd be really surprise to see just how good they really are. Even if you checked out an album I guide you to and you didn't like it, I'd still want to hear your thoughts on it. I'd still have to stab you in the eye though. (
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 06, 2012, 11:39:38 am
INXS (Listen Like Thieves) 1985

( (

Listen Like Thieves has their monster hit What You Need which exploded the band into the stratosphere and became an MTV staple for years to come. As good as the song is, and it is a great song, it's not my favorite on the album. The album starts off solid with the first 3 songs: What You Need, Listen Like Thieves and Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain). It was actually the Title Track that got me into the album because of the video and the song just sounded so cool, especially when it gets to the Chorus. Kiss The Dirt is another great song too.

But this isn't a perfect album in large part because I think even though Three Sisters is a decent instrumental, it doesn't belong here and it kind of throws the album off track a bit. Really not sure why it's even on there to begin with. But even with this slight misstep, the album definitely should be given a shot, especially if you want to hear what I think are the best songs here.

The best song here for me has always been Same Direction. The beat just get's me pumped to where I wanna dance....or bang my head. Great melody which showcases everyone perfectly. Great vocals too. Instant earworm for days. The other great song is This Time. I guess you can technically say it's a Ballad, but it doesn't sound like a typical ballad though. Shine Like It Does is another great song as well. There are a couple of fillers here, but even they sound pretty damn cool, especially One X One with Kirk Pengilly's Sax all over it.

Face Songs: What You Need, Listen Like Thieves, Kiss the Dirt, Shine Like It Does, Good & Bad Times, This Time and Same Direction which gets the album MVP award.

Listen Like Thieves Music Videos

INXS - What You Need (

INXS - This Time (

Sucks that no one has the videos for Listen Like Thieves and Kiss The Dirt on YouTube. Will dig around and post here if I can find any.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 06, 2012, 01:08:09 pm
I admittedly have not dove to deep into INXS.

I don't think I've ever seen that particular Live version of Don't Change. I've seen a lot of them, but not this one. Good find, Mac. Thanks!!
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 07, 2012, 06:27:15 pm
INXS (Kick) 1987


Every single song on Kick.....kicks ass! This album is so damn good and so diversified across the board. There are no songs on here that repeat themselves and yet as a whole the album flows seamlessly from one song to the next. This is an album that I definitely didn't have a problem double dipping on back in 2002. I know that they released this one again as a Deluxe Edition a couple years after that which I definitely want to pick up for myself.

As great as the initial release of Kick is, the 4 "new" songs that are basically demo's and alternate version are insanely good. They don't even sound like demo's at all. They are so good that they should have been released during the first pressing of the album. The album Kicks off with 3 awesome songs in Guns In The Sky, New Sensation and Devil Inside. Three songs that couldn't more different from one another in tone and execution, which is sign of things to come in how different all the songs are.

Guns In The Sky is awesome with its heavy reliance on the drums to propel the song. Hard rocking political song.

New Sensation is a brilliant Pop song that has a great groove. The riff itself belongs in the Hall Of Fame!! One of the best party songs ever!

Devil Inside is a very moody song that slowly builds up over time that you yourself end up singing along too because its just a great release.

Need You Tonight/Mediate couldn't be further apart from each other both sonically and lyrically and yet they both work increbily well together.

The Loved One is a great cover version of The Loved Ones. Good rock song anchored by Andrew Ferris on Piano/Keyboards.

Wild Life is probably the most overlooked song on the album. Probably could be considered a filler track, but one that I always listen too.

Never Tear Us Apart is just an amazing song from start to finish just in the arrangement itself where the Violins pretty much drive the riff, the vocals by Michael Hutchence is simply brilliant. A shot straight to the gut and the Sax Solo by Kirk Pengilly is just awesome for how short it is.

Mystify is another fantastic song with a great melody that hooks you in for days. Earworm.
Kick is definitely a straight ahead rocker that tends to play it by the book. Nothing too groundbreaking but one that's sure to get your feet moving.

Calling All Nations has a great riff with the song once again being carried by the drumming of Jon Farriss. Insanely addictive.

Tiny Daggers is kind of a departure in sound and execution and is very reminiscent of a lot of early Bon Jovi songs with respect to the vocals. Great song.

Move On (Guitar Version) is just one of the coolest, most atmospheric songs on the album. When they say it's the "Guitar Version", that's exactly what it is with it's feeback that envelopes the song. A+

Jesus Is A Man is definitely a song that departs from the rest of the album.  I think Michael's vocals here is super cool with the subtle use of acoustic guitars that just builds and builds by the end of the song. Great track and one of my faves here.

Fave Songs: All of 'em!! I don't even know how to even pick an MVP here because each song is damn memorable and leaves me wanting to play each one over and over. But lets see if I can actually come up with 5 MVP's just for the sake of making me work here.  New Sensation. Devil Inside. Need You Tonight/Mediate.Never Tear Us Apart. Mystify. Move On (Guitar Version). Jesus Was A Man. Okay, that's more than 5.

Very cool Album cover, front and back that gives everyone in the band it's own spotlight. It's creative and original. Also, if you are one of the few that never really watched any of their videos, you're doing yourself a huge disservice by not watching them. You owe it to yourself to check out some of the most original, creative and groundbreaking music videos (at the time). There videos are over 25 years old and they STILL kick pretty much every single "new" video's ass that's currently on the air. You have all the video links below so you have no excuses not to check them out.

Kick Music Videos

INXS - Guns In The Sky (

INXS - New Sensation (

INXS - Devil Inside (

INXS - Need You Tonight/Mediate (

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart (

INXS - Mystify (
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 08, 2012, 10:42:00 pm
INXS (X) 1990

( (

It was inevitable that X would fail to match that of their masterpiece in Kick in sales and accolades. But that's not to say that this is a bad album. Far from it. I think its an awesome album that has enough changes to not repeat themselves from Kick. It's gotta be very tempting for any band to want to just remake the same thing and cash in. They didn't. Getting the chance to revisit X again, I got to rediscover one of my all time favorite anyone. God, how I love Disappear. What a great  f u c k i n g  song!!! Great arrangement and amazing vocals. I started playing this album this morning, but the song has been playing over and over in my head. It happens everytime I listen to it. It's THAT good!

There are also a number of other stand out performances throughout the rest of the album Suicide Blonde is still and incredibly infectious song that holds up rather well all these years later. The Stairs is another great song that reminds me a lot of U2 musically. Even though Michael and Bono sound nothing alike, this could definitely be on any U2 album. Great melody. By My Side is ballad that doesn't sound like a typically ballad. It's a great showcase for Michael's range. Lately is a cool song and one I really like because if you know Billy Idol's ( vocal ticks and yelps that he adds to his own songs, then you know what you are getting here as  Michael does the same on this song. At times I think it's actually Billy doing a guest vocal on the track. Who Pays The Price is a really cool song that is anchored by a harmonica of all things. The chorus is pure sing-along. The same can be said for Know The Difference as well. On My Way has another great melody propelled by harmonica. Suddenly I need to learn how to play one. I think Hear That Sound is probably my runner up for Best Song on X.


Fave Songs: The Stairs, By My Side, Lately, Who Pays The Price, Know The Difference, Bitter Tears. On My Way, Hear That Sound and the MVP of course goes to Disappear. The album cover is okay. It lacks that originality of Kick for sure. I highly recommend X. I think it's hugely underrated by a lot of people and I just don't understand why. It's a great follow up, even if it doesn't quite reach the height of their last one. This is still a 5 Star album for me.

X Music Videos

INXS - Suicide Blonde (

INXS - Disappear (

INXS - By My Side (

INXS - Bitter Tears (
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Mac on April 09, 2012, 07:23:03 am
Never Tear Us Apart is just an amazing song from start to finish just in the arrangement itself where the Violins pretty much drive the riff, the vocals by Michael Hutchence is simply brilliant. A shot straight to the gut and the Sax Solo by Kirk Pengilly is just awesome for how short it is.

Forgot I loved this one. It's buried in my collection somewhere. Just haven't played it in a long time. Need to rectify that.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 09, 2012, 07:25:50 am
Definitely check out Disappear. I know this is one you would absolutely get a kick out of. It's neck and neck with Never Tear Us Apart. Not in sound or arrangement, but in how addictive both are to the listener.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Mac on April 09, 2012, 08:23:58 am
Definitely check out Disappear. I know this is one you would absolutely get a kick out of. It's neck and neck with Never Tear Us Apart. Not in sound or arrangement, but in how addictive both are to the listener.

Yep, your right. I do remember that one. A closer listen I do find it pretty cool and infectious.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 09, 2012, 11:40:45 am
INXS (Welcome To Wherever You Are) 1992

( (

With X, there was enough variation to that album to differentiate it from Kick but still keep the style of INXS intact. With Welcome To Wherever You Are, they did something completely out of left field that couldn't be more different from their last two albums if they tried. Aside from a couple of classic songs from the guys (Baby Don't Cry and Not Enough Time), this was a bit jarring to say the least. I would definitely categorize this one an acquired taste if you are still stuck on the sound and writing style of Kick and X. For me, I absolutely love this album for all the reasons that most seem to want to trash it for.

People really shouldn't condemn the album or why the band changed musically when they didn't really have a choice in the matter. The album came out at a time when Grunge was completely dominating the airwaves, so that in turn made them look at how viable their brand of music could survive. I for one am glad they went down this road. Any album that opens up with a heavily sitar-influenced song gets an A+ from me. The song is so damn cool. Heaven Sent is is a harder sounding INXS song that doesn't disappoint with a very catchy chorus.

Communication is one of my favorite songs on this album and so unlike anything they ever did before or since. I've never heard anyone else for that matter come up with something as unique as the pulsating rhythm to drive this one. Taste It is a much darker song as far as mood goes, but it works. Not Enough Time is definitive INXS in that classic mold a great song to play over and over. All Around is probably the one song that I could do without. More filler than anything else. It's passable.

Now we come to Baby Don't Cry. This was a HUGE departure for them with the inclusion of an orchestra to the song and it works extremely well. It's kind of like how Guns N Roses ('-roses-discography/msg4755/#msg4755) went and recorded November Rain ('-roses-discography/msg4769/#msg4769). They sound nothing alike, just pointing out how extreme both songs were for each band. Also, the video for Baby Don't Cry is so damn cool. But be forewarned when listening to the song. Once is never enough and you are sure to have it stuck in your head for a couple of weeks after the fact.

Beautiful Girl is the last big name song on the album and its.... beautiful piece of music with Andrew Ferris' piano framing the entire song. Michael's voice is very raw and open here. No added FX or overdubbing of any kind which makes his performance all the more impressive. Love this one a lot. The arrangement is just flawless. Back On Line has another great arrangement that further proves they can write something original every time.

If I do have one criticize about this one, it's the Remastered Edition which is the one I have that has 5 additional songs that had Alternate versions. Unlike the added bonus content on Kick, this one doesn't really add much to it with the exception of The Answer with it's subtle drumming, or is it  b o n g o ' s ? I've never really been able to tell. Whatever it is, it's really cool. If I were rating this album on the original release, then it would definitely get 4 1/2 Stars from me.

Fave Songs: Questions, Communication, Not Enough Time, Beautiful Girl, Back On Line, Men and Women and the MVP award goes to Baby Don't Cry. Duh.

Welcome To Wherever You Are Music Videos

INXS - Heaven Sent (

INXS - Taste It (

INXS - Baby Don't Cry (

INXS - Not Enough Time (

INXS - Beautiful Girl (

Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 09, 2012, 02:55:22 pm
INXS (Full Moon, Dirty Hearts) 1993

( (

A lot of fans point to Full Moon, Dirty Hearts as where the band began it's free fall. I think they are over exaggerating a bit. Sure, it's not in the same league of Kick and X. But it's not as bad as it's been made out to be. I will agree with the consensus that the hits are few and far between on this one. But I don't need or even crave radio friendly pop songs. I want interesting songs that go outside the box, something that pushes the band as well as the listener and we get that here.

One of the coolest tracks on here for me is Time. Why? It's basically INXS + Metal. Well, as close to Metal as you're gonna get from these guys. But it definitely is pushing them into a very Hard Rock mode and they pull it off very well. Love it. Now another Hard Rocking Song is Please (You Got That...), a duet with the one and only Ray Charles which is about the coolest pairing I've ever come across because of the song itself with Ray singing what doesn't really seem to be a song you'd expect him to be on. Both Ray and Michael OWN this hard rockin/swing song.

Close your eyes when you listen to Full Moon, Dirty Hearts and you'll immediately hear the influence of Pink Floyd. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that this is another duet with Chrissie Hynde.. I find nothing wrong with this song at all. Freedom Deep is definitely influenced by U2. There is no getting around it. It's straight in the vein of some of the biggest, most well known U2 anthems and it's way cool.

As you can tell by just the last 3 three songs I mentioned in how diverse the album is and I think that's why a lot of people have problems with it. Like I said, I've always liked the fact that INXS constantly reinvented themselves and this album is a good example of that.

Fave Songs: The Gift, Time, Please, (You Got That...), Full Moon Dirty Hearts, Freedom Deep and Kill The Pain. This album gets a Co-MVP award to Time and Please (You Got That....)

Full Moon, Dirty Hearts Music Videos

INXS - The Gift (

INXS - Time (

INXS - Please (You Got That....) (

Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 09, 2012, 03:07:06 pm
Just a heads up, the only video I could find for Time in the previous post gets cut off at the end. Bah!! I'm keeping the link up till I can find the full video though.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 10, 2012, 06:52:46 pm
INXS (Elegantly Wasted) 1997

( (

Elegantly Wasted is the final album with Michael Hutchence as lead singer for INXS before his untimely death. As far as swan songs (albums) go, both Michael and INXS went out on a high. This album just  f u c k i n g  kicks major ass. As much as I love and listen to Kick, I've actually listened to this album more. It's a harder sounding band, but maintaining a very melodic sense to all the songs. This is were the band was able to finally find that elusive sound that they had been searching for the past couple of albums. Now when I say "sound", I just mean that instead of having every song sound completely different from the next, on here the album overall jells as one. There are plenty of hard rocking songs here, but even the slower songs feel at home.

Speaking of slow songs, I gotta jump right into Everything which has the purest vocal track for Michael here. It's so raw and in your face and it's awesome. The arrangement gets an A+. You can't help but sing along. The funny thing is, whenever I listen to the track version on the album, I literally sing along not just with the band, but the people in the music video. If you don't know what I'm talking about, definitely check out the video link below for Everything to get what I mean. It will all make sense.

Another powerhouse song for Michael showcasing his range as a singer and his tone is Searching, which is a very bluesy based song. As much as I love the version on the album, there is a live version that is my favorite that I think shows off him, the band and the song in spades. I will have the live version posted below as well.

There are just so many great songs on here that its amazing how underrated the album is. Not just with INXS fans, but with the music community at large. I'm trying to figure out exactly where I would rate this on my all time favorite albums list. It's definitely Top 10 material.

Okay, back to the songs. Don't Lose Your Head was the bands entry to movies when it was used in Face / Off. It's a straight ahead rocker. Great chorus by the way. As good as this song is, it only gets better. Head straight to I'm Just A Man, Shake The Tree and She Is Rising and you will understand exactly why I play this album so much. This may be an INXS album, but this is definitely a showcase for Michael and a fitting tribute to his musical genius.

Fave Songs: Show Me, Elegantly Wasted, Everything, Don't Lose Your Head, Searching, I'm Just A Man, Girl On Fire, We Are Thrown Together, Shake The Tree, She Is Rising and Building Bridges. Yes, I just named all the songs. Sue me. So, which gets the MVP award for this one? This is really giving me a headache trying to do the album justice. Bah! I'm gonna go with Shake The Tree.

The album cover for Elegantly Wasted is one of my all time faves. It's just a cool composition with how everyone is framed within. One note about the back cover above. As you will notice it's not the US Version as you can see the last song, Shine was not release on any US pressings of the album. This is the only back cover I could find online. So, this will have to suffice for now. I'm also adding my favorite Live version of Elegantly Wasted below. If you wanna OD on a great album, you absolutely can't go wrong with this one.


Elegantly Wasted Music Videos

INXS - Elegantly Wasted (

INXS - Everything (

INXS - Don't Lose Your Head (

INXS - Searching (

INXS - Searching (Live) (

INXS - Elegantly Wasted (Live) (

Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 11, 2012, 10:43:40 pm
Just a heads up, the only video I could find for Time in the previous post gets cut off at the end. Bah!! I'm keeping the link up till I can find the full video though.

Full video for Time has been added.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 13, 2012, 03:18:34 pm
INXS (Shine Like It Does: The Anthology - 1979-1997) 2001

( (

Shine Like It Does: The Anthology is the main reason why I never bothered to go back and get the earlier INXS albums. I picked this up back in 2001 (has it really been that long?). I really didn't need to get it for any of their biggest hits since I already had their vinyl albums. But the biggest draw for me was getting 3 songs in particular that I didn't have: Don't Change, Good Times and The Strangest Party.

Good Times has Michael Hutchence and Jimmy Barnes trading lead vocals throughout the song. They couldn't be more different in style and sound between the two of them and yet the song works incredibly well. It's definitely a party song that leans heavily on boogie and it ROCKS!

The Strangest Party (These Are the Times) is a very cool song in a lot of ways. From the arrangement to the singing it's very addictive to listen to. But there are a couple of things in the song that I gotta point out. Aside from Hutchence's singing, the most identifying aspect musically is the drums and the bass parts. Jon Farriss came up with a really cool sound for the drums and they were able to capture on tape as is. The other standout for the song is definitely Garry Gary Beers bass playing. He doesn't get a lot of credit for what he brings to the plate, but if you listen to Strangest Party you will hear what an amazing player he is. And the tone he gets here is so  f u c k i n g  sick! It's subtle, but just listen to his bass lines and you will get just how much of a rock the guy is to the band.

As a whole, this set is pretty damn good as it covers a lot of their biggest hits and then some. Is it complete? No. Far from it. But if they were to include all the songs I think should also be on here, then it would be an additional 2 disc. But I do recommend this set for sure.

NOTE: I have to correct myself from an earlier post. When I said that Don't Lose Your Head was their entry into movie soundtrack songs, I had completely forgotten about Good Times and The Strangest Party. My bad.

Shine Like It Does: The Anthology Music Videos

INXS & Jimmy Barnes = Good Times (

INXS - The Strangest Party (These Are The Times) (
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Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 13, 2012, 06:21:52 pm
Rockstar: INXS


Originally I wasn't even going to bring up Rockstar: INXS. But I feel that this debacle should be address in some regards. Back in 2005 when I heard that Mark Burnett from Survivor fame was launcing a new reality TV series called Rockstar: INXS, I was split into two different directions. 1) I thought it would be really cool to see the band members again, doing something....anything. 2) This had failure written all over it even before they aired one episode and made my stomach turn. It's a colossal failure in that you just CAN'T replace Michael Hutchence, no matter how hard you spin your spiel.

It was summer time and there wasn't anything else on, so I reluctantly decided to watch it and I couldn't have been more horrified in the bulk of singers butchering INXS songs. Don't be mislead here. There were some pretty strong singers in the bunch, it's just that they were so inconsistent from song to song and night to night. They would be great when singing a song that fit them and then completely fall apart on the next song and don't even get me started on them singing any INXS songs because I would say that 98% of all of them sucked royally. And even that 2% that succeeded, I remember nothing of it because it's been so long. Obviously it wasn't memorable. Just passable on that night.

So as the season wore on, I was partial to a couple of singers getting to the end, not because they were an awesome fit, but because they were the lesser of 6,7,8 evils.  By the end, all that was left that I could throw my vote for was Mig Ayesa and Suzie McNeil. When they failed to make it to the Final 2, I was horrified wth who was left standing. I won't mention either by name because they are not deserving and when the eventual "winner" was announced, I unleashed a profanity-laced tirade. Was I upset? Yeah, a little.

I swore that no matter how much I loved the band, I would NOT buy their forthcoming album. Fast forward a few months and my curioisity got the better of me. I didn't go a buy it though. Instead, I headed straight to Tower Records ( because they had Listening Stations that would have the latest release. So, I checked out Switch and didn't listen to more than a minute of each song on the album. It was garbage. They couldn't have picked the worst singer if they tried. Horrible singer, who came off as a  d o u c h e b a g  then and now.

What I found ironic when listening to the final song on the album, which was sung by Suzie McNeil by the way, was how good her track was (and the only one I listened to from start to finish) and how the show failed not only her, but INXS as well. How can we take their selection as valid when the 4th place singer gets a song on the album over what they considered to be the better singer (referring to the Runner-Up)? Meh.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 16, 2012, 07:01:36 pm
Bono & Edge - Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of (David Letterman Show 7/18/11)

Clearly this isn't an INXS song, but what a lot of people don't know is that the song Stuck In A Moment by U2 is about Michael Hutchence and his suicide. I could tell you about it, but I will just let Bono tell you instead.......
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 18, 2012, 08:21:07 am
I agonized over exactly which INXS album I consider to be their 'Best Ever'. This took me longer than I expected....about a week total to come to a definitive choice. It came down to Kick Vs. Elegantly Wasted and in the end I chose Kick as the ultimate album. Even though I may technically may have listened to Elegantly Wasted more than Kick and it's sound is more to my musicial taste, I went with Kick because it was such a Monster of an album full of huge hit songs that EVERYONE knows. Kick is what gave them their massive success and the songs from that album are still played today whereas nothing really is played from Elegantly Wasted today.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on June 03, 2013, 07:03:50 pm
INXS - Live Baby Live -  1991


What can I say about INXS that I haven't already said? For starters, as great as they were as a studio band, they were even better as a Live band and Live Baby Live is the pinnacle of their career. Simply put, this DVD f*ckin' rocks! It's one of the most incredible sounding DVDs you will EVER come across. You get a few choices in what audio format you want to run through your home theater system. The smart money is to always go with DTS to get the full spectrum of that show. Everything is there and if you have a solid Subwoofer, you will definitely feel it. Mine tops out at 500 Watts and I was only using maybe a 1/4 of it because it was just bone-rattling awesome. It was like a locomotive was running through the house and it was clean with no clipping at all.

As for the show itself, INXS has never sounded better and they were in a groove. Add to the fact that they were playing Wembley Stadium with an over enthusiastic crowd, it was a recipe for success as they pretty much caught lightening in a bottle with everything coming together perfectly. The concert itself is just one half the equation with the other half being the Retrospective/Documentary with the surviving band members of INXS talking about what it was like that night. Interjected into the talking heads segments of the Documentary are rare, behind the scenes stuff leading up to, during and after the show. It is kind of a 'Day in the Life of INXS' as they chronicle everything. I highly recommend this to both fans and non-fans of INXS. The DVD is one of the best out there with a kick-ass show that STILL delivers so many years later.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Chiprocks1 on February 05, 2015, 09:12:54 am
INXS Guitarist Severs Finger in Career-Threatening Boating Accident (

This is just sad. I wish him a speedy recovery, both mentally and physically. Tim Farriss is another guitarist I deem hugely underrated.
Title: Re: INXS - Discography
Post by: Mac on February 05, 2015, 01:37:08 pm

Dayum, that hurt just reading it. I hope for a speedy recovery and which him luck in his healing.