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Title: The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 30, 2012, 03:41:05 pm
The Matrix Reloaded



I haven't seen The Matrix Reloaded or it's follow up The Matrix Revolutions since opening day in almost 10 years and I have to say, I was massively disappointed in both films at the time. The hype and expectations surrounding the sequels was just too BIG to ever be met and come away satisfied back then. I went into the movie the biggest Matrix ('s-blu-rays/the-matrix-(1999)/msg8259/#msg8259) fan there was. I left the theater in both instances with nothing but hatred for The Wachowski Brothers. So, here I am again....10 years later. Before starting my little Matrix Marathon, I convinced myself that 10 years removed from the disaster of opening day would give me a fresh and unbiased perspective on The Matrix Reloaded.

So, does it sink or swim? Neither actually. It flounders more than anything else. All the problems I had with it originally are still there. No amount of time away from it is ever going to change the outcome. I really went into this with an open mind and I was still bored  s h i t l e s s . So, what's wrong with it? For starters, it's a bloated mess that literally takes itself waaaaaaaay too serious. The thing about the original film is that the script was very smart and made you have to think and pay attention to what was going on. In Reloaded, I think the The Wachowski Brothers felt that they needed to exceed the original and have this grandiose mythology about the characters and everything associated with it and in the process just started adding so much stuff that everything got lost in it.

Another issue I had with a lot of the characters is in the way they speak and carry themselves. It was okay in the first film that Morpheus would talk in a monotone voice. But in Reloaded, especially Niobe and The Architect, they literally put me to sleep 10 years ago and about did the same thing watching it on DVD. And I hate the fact that EVERYONE is always talking in riddles. It's like the Brother's purposely channeled Yoda for a frame of reference in what kind of dialect they wanted.

So, is there anything good about Reloaded? Sure. The visuals are stunning and there are some amazing kick ass Set Pieces that still leave a wet stain in my pants. But the other problem with Reloaded is that they are few and far between. There is so much exposition sandwiched in between that I have forgotten whatever amazing thrill ride I just experience by the time the next Set Piece rolls around.

Originally I think I may have given this 2 Stars in the theater. Here it gets 3 Stars. Now, I am reeeeeeeeeeeeeally dreading watching Revolutions net. Somebody save me. Please. This is nothing more than a Rent and only if you are in the midst of a Matrix Marathon.
Title: Re: The Matrix Reloaded
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 30, 2012, 03:45:07 pm
I forgot one last thing to mention about Reloaded and why it doesn't work for me. Part exist solely to set up Revolutions and it's that very reason why the movie itself doesn't satisfy me at all. That's why I don't like it when creators write and film simultaneously. The get lost in what they are writing and can't see the flaws in the middle of the story.