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Music / Re: Licorice Pizza and other Record Shops
« on: August 16, 2019, 12:18:47 pm »

I'm sooooooooooooooo getting this. The collection looks dope as f*ck. Dayum!
When have you ever heard of a video game getting this kind of royalty treatment? It's well deserved. I absolutely LOVE the music in the game.

Television / Re: Star Wars Resistance (Season 1 - 2018)
« on: August 14, 2019, 10:33:26 am »
Star Wars Resistance Season 2 - Trailer (Official)

Trailer looks friggin' awesome. But I'm really confused. "Final Season"? What the f*ck.

DVD's & Blu-rays / Veronica Mars (2014)
« on: August 10, 2019, 03:24:55 pm »
Veronica Mars (2014)
4 Stars out of 5


Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a HUGE fan of the series Veronica Mars and of course of Kristen Bell. Duh! Anyway, I just watched the Veronica Mars Movie for the first time today....5 years after buying the DVD. What? Yeah. Exactly. What indeed! Okay, some explaining is needed here of course. How can I be a fan and wait that long? Well, my original intention when I bought the DVD was that I was going to do a Veronica Mars DVD marathon, first with Season 1-3 of the TV show and then cap it off with the movie. But I just never could find the time to shoehorn this marathon into existence. Fast-forward 5 years and Season 4 now a reality and currently playing on Hulu and something I've know for awhile as something I was making plans to see, I just couldn't put off watching the movie once and for all. There. All caught up today.

Okay, so what about the movie? Was it any good? Well, it opens up great with the "previously on..." recap. But for some reason, even though Bell is there as Mars, I just wasn't into the movie the way I had envisioned it. It just seemed a "by-the-book" movie. Wasn't bad. Wasn't good. Just middle of the road. It took maybe 30 minutes before it finally "felt" like a legit Veronica Mars episode and once it did, I was so invested in where the story was going. Sure, Mars investigating a murder of someone she knew from High School has already been done before. See Season 1. But it still worked here. But for VM fans like myself, it's the cameos people want to see and it was cool to see all those familiar faces from the first 3 Seasons. I won't dive into spoilers here, if anyone plans on watching it for themselves. But I will say that I legit loved the Freaks and Geeks connection with Martin Starr, Dave Allen and James Franco. So yeah, I'm 5 years late to the party, but the movie was definitely worth waiting for. A definite Buy...which you already know I have.

Now I have Season 4 to watch......

Now Playing: Movies / Re: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019)
« on: August 06, 2019, 03:12:06 pm »
How Kevin Smith Got Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to Return for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

I can listen to Kevin Smith tell me a story about the Phone Book. He makes EVERYTHING so interesting.

DVD's & Blu-rays / Avengers: Endgame (2019)
« on: August 05, 2019, 05:50:29 pm »
Avengers: Endgame (2019)
10 Stars out of 10


Avengers: Endgame was THE movie I have been waiting to see for however long it's been since the conclusion of Infinity War. The amount of hype and expectations was at an all time high. I try to keep everything even keel because if I don't, I'm setting myself for a huge disappointment (*see Game of Thrones Series Finale*) for the most recent letdown. I was legit concerned going into Endgame that there could be a few missteps along the way. I'm happy to say that Endgame delivered in more ways an one.

Before I go any further, I do have to say that Endgame more or less 'Jumped the Shark' with the crutch of Time Travel. But this wasn't all that surprising. I saw it come. We all saw it coming at the conclusion of Infinity War. It's the only way to bring everyone back. Well, most everyone. Okay. Moving on. With Time Travel the big plot point for the movie, it offers a wealth of comedic scenes to play out. First off, all the Time Travel references here were fantastic with Terminator, Hot Tub Time Machine and of course Back to the Future getting shout-outs (along with a host of other films in the genre). But the biggest twist on this was being able to go back in time to specific dates (that line up with Marvels biggest MCU movies) and filming additional scenes that we NEVER got to see in the original films. These were fantastic and more than that, insanely funny. Seeing Banner/Hulk watching himself in the first Avengers movie was f*cking hilarious. Especially feigning boredom of having to act like "Hulk" and wreck things so as to blend in.

Speaking of Hulk. We've come all the way from 'Hulk Smash' to basically talking as Banner throughout the entire flick as Hulk. I was just amazed at how good the CGI was in blending both Mark Ruffalo and Hulk as one. So with the gang hopping around in time, trying to retrieve the Infinity Stones, which in itself were like mini Heist Flicks, it all leads to the inevitable showdown between the Original Avengers and Thanos. The ensuing fight move than delivered here as well. When Captain America wields Thor's Hammer, it was literally the best, most thrilling thing in a sea of thrilling moments.

When those that perished in Infinity War return to stand alongside of the Avengers, you are clearly witnessing a monumental moment in Cinema. The best of course was seeing Spider-Man/Peter Parker return and to see the look on Tony's face, the guilt that has consumed him for 5 years just drift away in a matter of seconds as they embrace. Speaking of Tony, when Tony Stark, with Infinity Gauntlet in in hand, snaps and does away with all things Thanos, it was electric. But it comes at a price as his body can't handle that kind of power and he pays the ultimate price. There are many movies that can make me tear up. This one did.

I'm still processing the movie as I watched it late last night. Some things are still fresh in my mind, while other's not so much as I'm trying to place all the puzzle pieces from all the MCU movies. Loved the End Credits which was a 'Call to Action' send off of the majority of Big and Small characters in practically all the MCU flicks. It was perfect. Loved Stan Lee's cameo as well. All in all, Endgame delivers and is one of the greatest Super Hero movies of all time. I gave both this one and Infinity War 10 Stars, but I will say that Infinity War is slightly "better" for different reasons. This is definitely worth a Buy.

Television / Cobra Kai (Season 2 - 2019)
« on: August 04, 2019, 11:11:11 am »
Cobra Kai (Season 2 - 2019)
4 Stars out of 5


I waited a long time for Season 2 for a couple of reasons. First off, they laid the ground work in Season 1 so perfectly, turning everything on it's head with both Daniel and especially that of Johnny. But the second half of the equation that really had me wanting to see where this was going was the return of John Kreese. This was the key for what would basically anchor Season 2. Even though nothing was really said at the end of Season 1 with his return, I always knew that he main objective would be to take control of Cobra Kai once again and sure enough, that's what we got this season. With the rivalry between Daniel / Miyagi-Do and Johnny / Cobra Kai escalating, it all comes to a head in the Season Finale between both factions.

This is where I thought the tone of everything was thrown out the window. It came across more comedic than something to be taken seriously within this Universe they have created. It was kinda like watching the TV Version of 3 O'Clock High in a lot of ways. Anyway, the fight ends in a tragic way with Miguel being kicked off the balcony and landing below motionless and end up in the Hospital. His condition is left unknown as the second season comes to a close. Naturally everyone is pointing fingers and one in particular is taking the blame with Johnny on a bender and heading down the wrong path most likely, setting up Season 3.

Overall, this was decent followup and there were a couple of stand out moments. Tops being of course the reunion between Johnny and his old Cobra Kai teammates from the Original Karate Kid movie. Seeing Tommy (Rob Garrison), Bobby (Ron Thomas) and Jimmy (Tony O'Dell) was a kick (Pun intended). Man, they all look so old. They actually make William Zabka look very young by comparison. The other that most people are sure to talk about is the final shot that ends Season 2. But before I go there, I need to set it up first. A few episodes earlier, Johnny is trying his hand a Online Dating and grows frustrated at his disastrous blind dates and feeling nostalgic, he drunk texts Ali an email. Cut to the end with Johnny distraut over the guilt at what happened to Miguel, he throws his phone out on the beach as he walks off.

Cut to a close up on his phone screen and we see a message from Ali, requesting a friendship on Facebook. So, are they actually telegraphing to us that Elisabeth Shue is on board and will be popping up in Season 3? Please make this happen! This is what EVERYONE wants. Anyone that is a fan of the first movie wants this to happen. I for one want it to happen. But, I suspect this isn't likely to happen at all and is just a way of keeping the character alive within the context of the Karate Kid Universe, much in the same way they are doing with Dutch (Chad McQueen), who hasn't acted in 20 years. I would love to see both come back, if just for a cameo, I'll take it.

Okay, with all that out of the way, as the Season Finale was playing out, I was actually trying to think of what the big reveal would be. The thing that got people talking while we wait for Season 3 and for me, all I could think of was Kreese bringing both Terry Silver and Mike Barnes into the fold as they take over Cobra Kai, much in the way they teamed up in Karate Kid III. I was anticipating it. Thus, it didn't happen and as I mentioned before, it's the Ali text that they ended it on.

Now Playing: Movies / The Irishman (2019)
« on: August 03, 2019, 02:54:35 pm »
The Irishman Teaser Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

Tell me this isn't you Must-See movie of the year. It's great to see that Joe Pesci has come out of his 20 year retirement to do this. Just look at the talent in this movie: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Steven Zaillian and Martin Scorsese. Sheesh! 5 for 5!

Music / Re: Record This! (The Home and Pro Recording Studio Thread)
« on: July 28, 2019, 05:47:19 am »
Queen - Another One Bites The Dust on iPhone (GarageBand)

This guy is good. Color me impressed. You have to nail all the parts and do it all in one take.

Off-Topic / Re: The What The F*ck Thread
« on: July 26, 2019, 11:51:55 pm »
Okay. Did a bit of research and most people are saying this is Frog and that this is common when you "add salt". Never heard of the Salt thing before that "activates" the muscle spasms in a Frog leg.

Off-Topic / Re: The What The F*ck Thread
« on: July 26, 2019, 11:48:18 pm »
Raw chicken seemingly crawls off table by itself in terrifying footage

So.....this thing is blowing up right now. I don't know if it's real or fake. If it's real, this sh*t is gonna give me nightmares for months.

Comedy Gold / Re: Funny Videos
« on: July 24, 2019, 06:25:12 pm »
Jason Segel & Paul Rudd Meet Rush

How I have never seen this gem till now is a mystery. Funny sh*t.

Off-Topic / Re: Politics
« on: July 23, 2019, 10:55:20 am »
So, the big hearing with Mueller is set for tomorrow (was suppose to be last Wednesday) and now it's coming out in the news that the DOJ (aka POS Barr) is telling Mueller what he can and can not say during the hearing. I reeeeeeeeally hope Mueller is smart enough to see that he is being setup in the most obvious way here. Regardless of what Mueller says (he could actually say absolutely nothing at all and be made the fall guy). What I'm saying is that regardless of what he says during the hearing....and you can take this to the bank with 100% certainty that Barr will hold a press conference within the week, if not days of the Hearing, of his own demonizing Mueller as being "corrupt" by telling everyone Mueller went "outside the lines".

BARR: See? I told you all that Mueller couldn't be trusted.

REPORTER: What do you mean?

BARR: He broke protocol and talked about stuff he wasn't suppose to talk about. He is conflicted! Mueller did have an agenda, therefore this whole Mueller "Report" is null and void and should be discounted. Adolf Drumpf was right about him all along.

Do you see where this is going? We already know that Barr is Drumpf's b*tch and time and again he has shown that he is willing to bend over and take it up the ass from Drumpf. So, don't just dismiss this whole scenario as some deep-seated conspiracy on my part. Everything we have seen in the last few months has been the setup to paint Mueller as "conflicted" and an "angry Democrat" in spite of him being a registered Republican.

The one fault that Mueller does have working against him, and Barr KNOWS this, is that he is predictable. He's a "by-the-book" soldier and Barr is going to use the one thing that people respect Mueller for....against him. I really hope there are people within Mueller's circle that are smart enough to know this is Barr's play and have a contingency plan in place.

This was the first time in years that nothing and I mean NOTHING about Comic Con appealed to me in any way. I would get my daily YouTube feeds and there wasn't anything remotely interesting that made me click on a video. I think maybe 3 Trailers for movies I want to see is all I bothered with and I watched maybe 5 minutes of the Terminator Dark Fate Panel. I stopped watching because the Host/MC was annoying as f*ck.

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