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DVD's & Blu-rays / The Shape of Water (2017)
« on: April 06, 2018, 06:39:31 pm »
The Shape of Water (2017)
5 Stars out of 5


I really didn't know what to expect with The Shape of Water. Sure, I knew what I was getting with Guillermo del Toro, as I'm a big fan of his other films, but was unclear exactly what this would actually entail. It's vintage Toro, but it's so much more than that. Simply put, this is a throwback to old Hollywood Films as I see it and that right there made me even more invested in what was playing out on the screen. How do I decribe this? I guess you can say it's a mashup of Old School Films and Creature from the Black Lagoon. But it also has something else going for it as well. Even before they actually get to the legit Musical portion of the film that includes Song and Dance, I was telling myself that this was in fact a musical in very subtle ways based on how the story is being told with music and how the characters were interacting with the music playing over/under their respective scenes. I wonder if this was intentional so that when we finally get to the Musical number, it would feel organic and natural with it's inclusion.

Never heard of Sally Hawkins before this, but she was fantastic as the Mute Girl. Her acting was f*ckng damn good in her ability to get across emotions using only her face and sign language. Michael Shannon was perfectly cast as the Big Bad Villain here. Is there any movie or TV series that he isn't the Big Bad? He always crushes it in whatever role he takes on. I do fear that he is no typecast to play the same kinds of roles moving forward. That's the downside of being so good at what you do that you forever seal your fate. Anyway, I highly recommend this as a Rent. It's a fantastic movie that flies by pretty damn fast.

DVD's & Blu-rays / Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
« on: April 04, 2018, 02:28:03 pm »
Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
5 Stars out of 5


I'm a fan of the original Blade Runner, but I wouldn't say that Blade Runner 2049 was at the top of my Must-See List. Well, it wasn't one that I had to run out and see the moment it came out and I think in large part it had to do with the fact that I really wasn't giving this much of a chance of equaling the original. Not only does it meet it head on, I'm of the mindset that maybe, just maybe it even edges it out to a degree. Truth be told, that might be due to the fact that I just got finished watching this and it's still fresh in my head. So, maybe a little biased in my comment there. I will have to revisit this down the road and see how it really stacks up against the forebearer.

As for Blade Runner 2049, this really is a genuine masterpiece of film-making in every sense of the word. I'm just astounded that they were able to literally create a film that shares DNA from both from the look, style, pacing.....feel. Everything about this just feels so right and the fact that this was made 30 years after the original and yet it feels like it was made a year after because of the visual cues it takes. Look, this could have easily come off as a more polished sequel with all the tell tale signs of it having "better FX" and whatnot. As for the plot, it's essentially the same as the original to a degree. But throwing in the whole "searching for my lost father" angle was a nice add-on to give the older fans of the Original something to latch onto.

As for Harrison Ford, I don't agree with giving him Second Billing. There's so little of him in this movie that to say he is a genuine "Second Billing" actor is a bit misleading. We don't get to see him until the 3rd Act. Yes, I get why it plays out that way because of the story that is being told...but still. Ryan Gosling was great as K, the Blade Runner. Jared Leto was really good. Seeing Mackenzie Davis in this was a nice bonus for me. It was a trip to see Edward James Olmos return as Gaff. I had no idea he was coming back for this. But the biggest shocker for me was seeing "Sean Young" return. Kinda. Her character was duplicated with the actress using a Stand-In in much the same way they did with Tarkin and Leia in Star Wars Rogue One. Looks like the real thing, well pretty close to the real thing....but not quite there. Anyway, I highly recommend this as a Buyfor sure.

Music / Re: The GURU of VAI
« on: April 03, 2018, 09:31:21 pm »
Captain Meets Guitar God Steve Vai!

I watched the first 30 minutes last night. Gonna finish watching the second half now.....The Cap is clearly starstruck and rightly so.

Music / Re: Guitar Gods: Past, Present and Future
« on: April 03, 2018, 09:29:11 pm »
Yeah, I told ya he was da bomb. Seriously, the guy plays with no effort. It's like his mind is elsewhere when chatting and his playing has a mind of his own.

DVD's & Blu-rays / Re: Daddy's Home (2015)
« on: April 03, 2018, 07:34:05 am »
So, I rented Daddy's Home 2 because that was all they had at the Library and sure enough, this was even sh*ttier than the first. Boring, stupid and a total waste of time. Skip DH2 as well. Mel Gibson in particular was just sad. I'm watching an actor at his lowest point in his career. I was and still am a huge fan of the Lethal Weapon movies....but seeing him in this just lowers his previous films a notch.

Video Games / Re: What Games Are You Playing?
« on: April 01, 2018, 02:08:01 pm »
As of last night, I've been playing The Turing Test. I had no idea what this game was suppose to be. With "Gun" in hand, I just assumed it was another First-Person Shooter. Nope, it's a puzzle solving game and I love. Some really challenging stuff to work out. This isn't easy by any means.

Now Playing: Movies / Re: Bill & Ted 3 (2013)
« on: April 01, 2018, 02:05:20 pm »
Banks would be a great choice.

Comedy Gold / Re: Random Funny Sh*t
« on: April 01, 2018, 02:04:44 pm »

Television / Re: Krypton (Season 1 -2018)
« on: March 31, 2018, 08:33:58 am »
I didn't realize how old this thread was until now. I had to change the thread title to read 2018 instead of 2015, which is when this series was suppose to come out. Anyway....

I just watched the first two episodes and I'm already hooked....because this show has a lot of potential. The Pilot and followup episode was a bit long in tooth with exposition. I get why they had to get all the information out now, but in doing so, the pacing was a bit sluggish because there was a lot of taking head shots. But I rather they get all that out now so they can really start to focus on the fun stuff. As for the story itself, I don't know if this is new canon for Superman or if it's being created specifically for the series, but I think it's a pretty good and unexpected twist in basically using the Romeo & Juliet plot with Time Travel thrown in to make this series what it is.

We all know about the Zod and El Family, just check out Superman: The Movie when General Zod is banished to the Phantom Zone by Jor-El for a quick Cliffnotes recap between the two to understand where they stand against each other. So, having Seg-El secretly romancing Lyta Zod is now and forever going to change my perception of the Zod Vs. El relationship moving forward. If you're trying to figure out who these characters are in the scope of the timeline, simply put, Seg is Superman's Great Grandfather, or more to the point the Father of Jor-El as played by Marlon Brando in the movie.

I'm definitely on board for the rest of Season 1 to see where this goes. FYI, the FX look amazing! This feels more like watching a Movie rather than a TV series. We only get one shot of Brainiac and he too looks damn good FX-wise.

Now Playing: Movies / Re: Bill & Ted 3 (2013)
« on: March 30, 2018, 02:37:15 pm »
New Bill and Ted 3 Details Revealed; Is the Movie Closer to Happening?

WTF! This thread is 6 years old!

Anyway, make this movie happen already!! Working Title: Bill & Ted: Face The Music

DVD's & Blu-rays / Stranger Things (TV Series Season 1 - 2016)
« on: March 29, 2018, 08:24:44 pm »
Stranger Things (TV Series Season 1 - 2016)
5 Stars out of 5


It's a no-brainer that I would like Stranger Things. Everything you've heard about it holds true. I get why this was / is a must-talked about series. On the surface, it's clearly a throwback and homage to all things 80's, which is when the series is set in. But it's also owes a huge debt to Steven Spielberg because it was filmed as if he himself did this. There are so many Easter eggs throughout with regards to what film they are taking a huge page from. The most obvious of course is E.T. and Poltergeist. But there are plenty of other things any fan of the 80's will recognize, be it The Goonies and Stand By Me (not a Spielberg flick if that's what you're thinking). Stephen King also has his metaphoric fingerprints on Stranger Things as well.

As for what's at its core, the story isn't new....but they do a great job of giving it a spin that makes it feel fresh, even if you know where everything will end up at by the end. The actors were all great and it was a nice touch with Winona Ryder as the Mom, a true by-product of her run in the 80's. But it's the kids that carry this series from start to finish and play well off each other. I don't want to dive too much into the plot in case you haven't seen it yet. All I will say is that you definitely need to give this a Rent. Already looking forward to Season 2. Not sure how long it's gonna take before it's on DVD though.

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