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Music / Re: Van Halen - Discography (The Sammy Hagar Years)
« Last post by boyinblack80 on November 19, 2017, 05:45:27 pm »
Halloween Trunk and Hagar.

listen and learn

DVD's & Blu-rays / Re: What Are You Watching? (DVD's & Blu-ray's)
« Last post by Neumatic on November 18, 2017, 11:01:44 pm »

You know I fancy myself as a bit of a futurist, I love the future, the possibilities of tech and how we can change our society... so it's a strange oversight that I hadn't seen Tomorrowland.  I hadn't heard great things about it so I wasn't dying to see it, but then this scene appeared on TV the other day and needless to say, it caught my attention.

That's pretty awesome, right?

I see that, and I want to go there.  I want to know more about that world, I want an adventure there.  I appreciate that they can't show a LOT of that, realistically (and financially), so I know we'll only spend a little time there.  But it'll be worth it, right?

No, not really.  You know what happens when they get there?  Over an hour and change into the movie?

It's empty.

Well, not "empty."  Hugh Laurie, who's criminally underused, and two guards are running the show and do... not much... show us a machine that shows the Earth is going to end.  And there's a fight scene and an explosion and that's kind of it.

And you know what sucks, especially about them turning it into a dystopia?  The movie rails against dystopias earlier, and Britt Robertson has an entire monologue where she complains about how you can't promise something shiny and awesome and not deliver, basically repeating my rant about the movie IN THE MOVIE!

There are SO MANY POSSIBLE IDEAS left on the floor that it's frustrating as all get out.  This is straight up what I call a parts movie, little moments I like, lots of ideas coming to my mind, but a movie I will probably never see again (and thus take twice as long to watch it in order to strip it bare for parts).

The premise is that all the smart people decided to go to another dimension and really explore their futuristic ideas and see if they could really save the world.  It's a bit Bioshock, but whatever.  The premise of the movie is that Jules Verne, Thomas Edison and Tesla were some of the first members of the society (and built a pretty sweet brass rocket to go there), and then at the 1960s World Fair, they recruited a bunch of inventors and forward thinking people and brought them over to Tomorrowland to build and design it.

Either of those ideas sound like an AMAZING movie!  You would watch either of those, right?  60s free-thinkers hanging out with old steampunky inventors debating about what the "future" is?  Or present day dreamers visiting a functioning Jetsons future and figuring out how to save our world?  Or you could explore the idea that utopias and futurism has always had a white ethno-centric bias and foreign cultural voices and ideas need to be explored and brought in (I will give the movie credit for suggesting that in the denouement).

What's really galling about that is that it's Brad Bird directing and co-writing, and Pixar is one of the most enviable think-tanks of the 20th century.  If anyone is qualified to tell a story like that, it's someone who worked in that environment and they barely even TRY.  Just lip service.

You could also have a whole thing about private vs public ownership.  This movie was made in 2015, privatization of space and all these other arenas was definitely happening, there's something in that you could make a movie about!  BTW, Britt Robertson's dad in the movie is an unemployed NASA engineer, who has to be really bad at job hunting because Elon Musk or someone should be able to use those talents.  Heck, I kept thinking "how would Elon Musk fit into the world?"

Also, there's this cool little girl robot with a weird British accent named Athena, I liked her.

George Clooney was good, but he doesn't show up until an hour into the movie.  I forgot he was in the movie until he showed up again.

You know what I want, right?  Something I thought for sure would have been made by now... something I'm trying to write (and to take a line from the movie, "I'm tired of waiting for someone else to make it for me")... remember 2015 from Back To The Future II?  That's what I want.  Just a whole movie, in a place like that.  Not a dystopia, not an action movie, just... I wanna hang out in the future for a while.  Flying cars, robots, hanging gardens, weird clothes etc.
Video Games / Re: Star Wars Battlefront II
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on November 18, 2017, 09:19:57 am »
Fired up the game last night. In the main menu, I clicked on what I thought was the campaign mode, but it sent me to online Multiplayer mode instead. I didn't know what the f*ck I was doing. It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to run/sprint. Up to that Stormtrooper was walking at a snails pace, making me a sitting duck for everyone else. Anyway, once that was over...that's when I played the first episode of the Campaign mode. I like it.
Video Games / Re: What Games Are You Playing?
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on November 18, 2017, 09:16:44 am »
Star Wars Battlefront II
Video Games / Re: Star Wars Battlefront II
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on November 17, 2017, 05:53:16 am »
Patiently waiting for my game to be delivered to my mailbox today. Most likely will not show up until tomorrow.
The Best TV Shows on the Internet / Re: MrChiprocks1 YouTube Channel
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on November 17, 2017, 05:51:56 am »
GTA V Online BMX Skyscraper Hopping | We Are | Twisted Reality

Music / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now?
« Last post by Neumatic on November 16, 2017, 11:03:02 pm »
Into Things: Stranger Things Theme (C418 Remix)
Vs. Into You (Ariana Grande) Mashup

Sounds pretty cool, I think.

Lindsey Stirling - Christmas C'mon feat. Becky G

First Christmas song I've heard this year, and I quite like it.  Very interesting contrast of styles, too.
The Best TV Shows on the Internet / Re: MrChiprocks1 YouTube Channel
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on November 16, 2017, 08:40:40 pm »
GTA V Online BMX Parkour Crazy | Incomplete Muzzy Remix

I'm a Monkey.....Man!
Music / Re: P!nk - Discography
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on November 16, 2017, 08:38:32 pm »
P!nk Carpool Karaoke

This is so much fun.
Hardware / Re: PC's and Custom Builds
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on November 16, 2017, 03:39:56 pm »
I'm just wanting to get a steal of a deal. If I can get this in the $1,500 range and still get the free swag that I can turn around and sell on THAT would be a big score.
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