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Short Films / Re: Nathan Fillion in Uncharted
« Last post by Neumatic on July 16, 2018, 10:50:52 pm »
Well, Sony owns it...
Short Films / Re: Nathan Fillion in Uncharted
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on July 16, 2018, 06:58:09 pm »
Is there anything Nathan can't do? Seriously....make this a legit franchise with him in the role. It will make loads of money. Now, which studio is gonna step up to the plate and make this happen?
Short Films / Nathan Fillion in Uncharted
« Last post by Neumatic on July 16, 2018, 09:49:21 am »
Total fan service.  And awesome.  Just pure Fillion.

DVD's & Blu-rays / Atomic Blonde (2017)
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on July 14, 2018, 08:32:15 pm »
Atomic Blonde (2017)
4 Stars out of 5


So, how do you actually make an 80's flick and not have it look anything like you expect an 80's flick to be when it's set in a very visual decade? Ya set it in Berlin. I had no idea going into Atomic Blonde that it was going to be set in the 80's. I can't remember if the Trailer at the time it dropped, if it ever made it clear what decade it would be in. I remember watching the trailer, but it went by so fast that as soon as it ended, I forgot about it. But the one thing I have been hearing a lot about was that this movie had to be seen, so my expectations were kinda high going into this and it doesn't disappoint. If I had to describe Atomic Blonde, it's basically a female version of Jason Bourne, which means this movie is gritty and violent. There are plenty of action scenes here, but it's one fight scene in particular that will leave you begging stunned in all it's glory.

When the forementioned fight starts off, I wasn't acutely aware what was happening at first. You're watching the fight unfold and then after a few minutes, I realized "hey, this is a one shot/one take scene. As the fight goes onward, you really become even more impressed by what you are witnessing. The amount of choreography and rehersals that went into this had to have been weeks because everyone had to hit their marks precisely: the actors, camera man, stunt men, crew, you name it. One wrong move and it would ruin the take. Now, this is what I perceived it to be. I couldn't recall any "cuts" off the top of my head. But what's kinda making me think it had to be some sort of "trick" is that as the fight continues on,  Charlize Theron is taking a massive beating, her face is a mess....bloody and all. So I don't know how or where that was coming from during this one shot. Obviously they are going beat her up to a bloody pulp. So, I'm really curious how they did that.

Anyway, the story is good. The twist keep you guessing to the very end and even I kind of didn't see it coming because we are lead down different roads before we arrive at the end. Yeah, I highly recommend checking this out. Fun movie and a greatest hits soundtrack of all the 80's biggest songs you know, love and remember. If it wasn't for the songs and the Berlin wall, I would never remember when this  was taking place. Flick looks "dated", but current if that makes sense. It seems modern. 4 Stars out of 5.
Music / Re: Van Halen - Discography (The David Lee Roth Years)
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on July 13, 2018, 07:53:09 pm »
Jump - Van Halen but it's a complete **** show

This is f*cking hilarious! I don't know what's funnier...Dave's nonsensical singing or Alex's drum fills.
Television / 12 Monkeys (Season 4 - The Final Season - 2018)
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on July 12, 2018, 05:44:40 pm »
12 Monkeys (Season 4 - The Final Season - 2018)


OMG. I misspoke when I said that Season 3 was one of the best seasons ever for a series. Honestly, Season 4 makes every thing I thought about last season seem quaint by comparison. Okay, not really. Season 3 rocks...but Season 4, the Final Season just blew my f*cking mind. Every episode, and I mean EVERY episode this season was better than the last. I've never quite experience anything like Season 4 before because everything was ramping up from the very beginning and it wouldn't slow down or let up until we reach the very end of the series. With the writers/showrunners knowing full well this would be the swan song, they would be able to craft a truly epic story, tie up all the loose ends and revisit fan favorite characters from the past who were no longer around and it was fantastic. I can't say enough good things about the series and more importantly this season. There is so much to talk many memorable moments to savor. There were a couple of scenes that I'm gonna forever be grateful to have witnessed (get it?)  ;D. When are you ever going to get the chance to see Jennifer Goines singing Pink's U + Ur Hand to Hitler of all people and not stand up and cheer for it. It has to be seen to be believed.

Emily Hampshire performance the entire series is the reason why I tuned in for each episode and why she is easily my favorite character. But the entire cast is just superb. Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Barbara Sukowa, Todd Stashwick, Alisen Down, Kirk Acevedo and later Brooke Williams just delivered every time they were on screen. Can't forget Tom Noonan either. I won't be able to think of him in any other role now after his turn as The Tall Man. One last thing, I gotta point out that the writers did an amazing job, not only in keeping everything in line and making sense, but the ability to deliver a Series Finale that didn't disappoint one bit. It's very rare that we ever get to walk away from something so good and being let down at the very end. There is so much to talk about....but in the off chance that anyone that stumbles across this thread that hasn't yet watched it, I won't spoil it for ya. Please, go watch the entire season and then come back.

As a writer myself, the one thing I was looking forward to most was the Epilogue. Why? Well, when you watch something like this that is so good, I have a tendency to want to write "my ending" or how I want to see it play out. Happy to say that I was damn close. Nearly 95% of what makes up the epilogue is what I wrote down for myself. The 5% I didn't get? Well, watch the series, come back and post here and ask me about it and I'll gladly tell ya. I'm definitely gonna be picking up the eventual DVD Box Set for 12 Monkey's. 10 Stars out of 10.
Music / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now?
« Last post by Neumatic on July 11, 2018, 10:41:10 pm »
An actual rock band performed "Dayman" from "Always Sunny" (couldn't find a thread for it) and it's awesome.

The Concert Venue / Re: The Warning Live
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on July 10, 2018, 05:59:47 pm »
Playing Survive on RockBand

This is cool. Gotta be a head-trip to get a song into Rockband.
Off-Topic / Re: Politics
« Last post by Chiprocks1 on July 10, 2018, 04:24:49 pm »
WARNING: The Dangers of Supporting Donald Trump (Compilation)

There is a reason why I haven't posted in this thread in a long while: I'm sick of the political bullsh*t. But this video sums up everything that is wrong with America and those that are in the WH right now. #notwinning
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