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Michael W. Kellar was born August 1971, educated in the Texas school system from which he graduated Killeen High School in 1990. Michael enlisted in the United States Navy in 1991 and served overseas in Desert Storm, 1993 saw the end of his contract. Upon departing the Navy in 1993, Michael entered the world of comic books, inking for Gravitywell Productions until 2001 at which time he joined the Army National Guard until 2006. Michael spent the better part of 2001-2007 focused on his family along with other aspects of life and in late 2006 would come back to the world on comic book inking. March 2007 would see Michael sign with Jolly Rogue Studios/Free Lunch Comics working on "Sky Pirates of Valendor" until August 2008 at which time he would become a Freelance Inker. September 2006 Michael began working for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Salisbury, NC serving the Veterans who so proudly served our great country.
In January 2009, Michael would find another way to serve Veterans by becoming an inker for Heroes Fallen Studios with good friend Clayton D. Murwin. Lastly, March 2011 would see Michael join the ranks of Inkwell Awards first as a Contributor and then as a Committee Member in June of the same year. Michael currently resides in North Carolina where he is engaged to a wonderful woman, Melissa, and they are raising his 3 children and her son together.
Michael W. Kellar
Inkwell Awards - Assistant Director
Heroes Fallen Studios Inc - Board of Directors & Staff Inker


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