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Re: Promote Yourself Here
« Reply #15 on: April 09, 2014, 08:09:11 pm »
Hey Chip, Mac everyone else. Chip I got your PM at the Chargers site decided to get back to you here.

There was another mass exit over there with me being part of it. Skids FA Dekk others all gone sucks. I do lurk here some from time to time but I hadn't posted for so long sorry. I was here in the beginning will try to be back!

Personal- hired at Amazon -Reno 1- permanently. Its rough at times but it is there everyday. Looks like my 16 year old daughter is going to live with me permanently when she comes to visit for the summer. She wants to finish the school year in Phoenix then just not go back. I do have good custody and she is old enough to choose for her own. This is a great thing. She loves all the Marvel Avenger movies esp Thor. I beat a bad case of M.E.R.S.A. 2 years ago.

For those I don't know- I am a big movie fan, comic fan I own about 4 long boxes most of them 20-25 years old I mainly buy the hardback stuff now- collections, graphic  novels. Big reader all my life. TV- Walking Dead, Vikings, Shameless, Game of Thrones, and of course Survivor.

Hello everyone


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