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Re: Promote Yourself Here
« Reply #30 on: July 06, 2016, 03:09:09 pm »
Ok, since I don't fully comprehend what your going through and the where, when and how of things, I had a little spark of an idea based on things you've said. Maybe this is in the ballpark... Maybe it's in a different dimension.

It's all a dream. Boom. Mike drop.

I'm kidding. No, but seriously... So your trying to think of a beginning... A pilot. Taking cues from the first season of Bloodline... The very first episode, told the ending. Simply put, and this is not a spoiler, John Rayburn methodically, yet with extreme anger kills his brother, Ray, in the first hour (ep. 1). The rest of the season flashbacks to where this boiling started and ends to what we started off seeing in the first episode.

I thought it was brilliant. The first episode just grabs you, and then your in it for the season to see how it got to that point. It was great story telling.

Don't know if that helps, hurts, or a whole lot of nuttin

You'll figure something out. Maybe in a dream. Keep pencil and paper next to you... Always. Including the night stand.
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